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Silly Sunday!


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Wordless Wednesday!


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Wordless Wednesday


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My favorite activity!

During a recent survey of a few campers, Tori was able to sleuth out some favorite activities.

LAUREL: Horses and Vaulting



CARMIN: High Ropes




COLTON: Riflery and Soccer



JACK: High Ropes



COLBY: Horses




GWYDION: Riflery


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Throwback Thursday- What year was this?


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Wordless Wednesday- Talent Show with the Vaulters and Hatch.










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Club Med- What I liked most about my day!

Club Med First Session 2013

Our handy reporter asked the Club Med girls  what they liked best about today. Here are their responses:

Counselor Becca

Counselor Becca: meeting new friends, belaying at climbing wall.


Anna: Meeting new friends at the pool.


Hailey: Drama games were fun and funny.


Phoebe: Getting out of the wake on the kneeboard.


Maddie: Riding Cece in the jump arena today.


Eva: Specialty Open House at the barn; practiced vaulting and everything at horses.


Ansley: Hit both signs at sling shots and then signed the boards.

Club Med showing their true personalities!

Club Med showing their true personalities! P.S. Their good friend, Kathy, joined them in their cabin group picture. :^)

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Meet Ally!



Hello Everyone! I’m Aileen preferably known as Ally and when I grow up, I want to be a research Zoologist. However, I just reached the ripe old age of twenty which I think officially makes me an adult. Scary thought. I’m from the warm, tropical country of Scotland. I live and study Zoology in Aberdeen.

Ally, Hatchy-Poo and Zippity Do Da

Ally, Hatchy-Poo and Zippity Do Da

I’m one of the riding/vaulting instructors at camp, including the great games, “Capture the Camper” and  “Dancing Musical Statues”. I plan to get everyone to try standing up on Hatch this summer; no excuses. We managed to get Eric to do a shoulder hang after one hour last year so if he can do it, anyone can! (sorry Eric)

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand

I’m very much into my horses whether it is dressage, show jumping, vaulting or my main love, polo which is basically hockey on horse-back  at a full gallop! I’m on the polo team at Uni and ride a small pony called Goose. We have lost every game this season but fingers crossed for nationals in June.



I also play on the football team for the University women’s club, where we have also lost every single game this season as well! But it’s all practice to score against Mark this summer! Last but not least, I occasionally play paintball with the University squad. Since its freezing outside for most of the year, we practice inside with foam balls, which sting just as much. I love being active whether it’s running, cycling or just the gym. I’m also into surfing and diving if we’re ever brave enough to enter the water here in Scotland.


Last year was my first time at camp and it was the BEST summer I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to sunshine every day and horses every minute!

See you soon!

See you soon!

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Meet Tyla!



Hey Guys! You’re probably the only ones who haven’t heard that I will be spending my summer at Coppercreek camp as a riding instructor. This is my very first camp and I cannot wait to get out there!

A few important things that you guys should know about me:

I’m pretty short- but that doesn’t make me any better at hide and seek!

Hide and Seek

Hike and Seek

Horse riding has been my life for as long as I can remember and I wouldn’t change that for the world! Show jumping is where my passion lies but I spent my childhood racing around poles and dangling off my gymkhana pony- that’s about the only thing I got too tall for!

Tyla jumping

Tyla jumping her horse.

I live in the good ol’ West Country- there isn’t a lot to do in Devon so we have to make our own fun. The sea is never too cold to swim in and no rock shall be left unturned.


I am just about finishing my degree in Criminology at Plymouth University not that I want to leave! I have got back into Trampolining and I love my Trampies! What can be more fun than throwing yourself into a pit of foam!


Vaulting without a horse!

I can’t wait to get to camp and have a few more adventures and meet loads of new people! See you all in June!

Watch a cute video of Tyla teaching 5 year old Sahara how to jump and be a big girl.

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