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Meet Shelby!

Hi everyone! My name is Shelby Jones and I’m from Granite Bay, CA.  When I was nine years old I came to Coppercreek for the first time as a camper. I loved camp so much I came back three more summers as a camper and now I’m back for my first summer as a camp counselor.

Image 6-13-16 at 9.07 AM

I just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Chico and I am planning on going to graduate school to obtain my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy some day.

The greatest love of my life has been horses. I have been horse crazy ever since I was old enough to know what they were. I’ve been riding and competing in equestrian sports ever since I was eight years old.


Some of my other favorite activities are painting, drawing, bike riding, tennis and watching movies. I can’t wait to meet you all, see you at camp!


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Meet Your TAPs and Kayaking Buddy!

Meet Sierra!

Hey there! I’m Sierra, 23 years young, currently living in Quincy CA. I’ve been climbing trees and rocks all my life and can’t wait to share my passion with y’all. This summer is going to be awesome!


My hobbies include playing the ukulele, memorizing latin names for plants, mountain biking, creating art, taking candid photos and baking sweet things.

This is my first summer at Coppercreek and I’m excited to meet all of you and laugh the days away in the sun. See you soon!


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Meet Maimie!

My name is Maimie. I am an enthusiastic person who loves to try anything new and definitely an adrenalin junkie. I have gone paragliding, participated in Tough Mudders, jump horses and play polo, love go-karting and rollercoasters, and have a huge passion for traveling. I have a very positive outlook on life, always seeing the good side of any situation.
I also love to dress up in costumes!
To my friends I am known as the “over hyper active Duracell bunny,” always having too much energy, usually first up and last awake, finding I get bored very quickley sitting round watching movies. I am more inclined to go out exploring or organize an excursion to random places. I am the oldest in my house but the most immature with a particular liking for Disney and childish games.
I have always had an interaction with children and loved being around them, encouraging them to expand on there skills and broaden their comfort zone.
Can’t wait to see you all of you soon!
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Meet Quinton!

Hi there! My name is Quinton and I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. My town is known for its influence in country music but oddly enough that’s the only kind of music I don’t listen to (It’s all about that classic rock!) I’m what I would consider a typical Californian. I love the outdoors, Im pretty laid back, and I know how to have a good time. The only thing I don’t do (yet) is surf, but hopefully that will change in the future!


I am currently a college student working towards my degree in astrophysics. Sounds crazy right? It’s actually not as bad as you might think. In short, I just love looking at the stars! Oh, and black holes are cool too. 

IMG_3543 (2)


Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, blacksmithing, stargazing, weight training, hiking, camping (full on survivor man status), listening to music (not country), and watching movies. Also, I am a huge sports fan. Basketball is my passion but I also enjoy football, dodgeball, track and field, ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, you name it. If it’s a sport I’ll play it!


IMG_3576 (1)

Right off the bat I can tell I am going to have something in common with a lot of the campers because this will not only be my first summer at Coppercreek, but at any summer camp. I am looking forward to meeting all of you having the opportunity to help make this the best summer ever! I hope everyone’s ready to have some fun fun in the sun!

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Meet Charlotte!

Meet Charlotte!
Hello! I am Charlotte. I am 23 years old and live in the Netherlands near by Amsterdam. I have a great passion for horses since I was little. Every Saturday I was at the horse barn to help the instructors with their lessons. A little horse addict.
When I was 12 years old my parents bought a piece of land with a little barn on it.  A few months later we bought our first pony. We still own her. My best friend. She is a real alrounder! I did a lot of jumping training with her and she is really experienced in the outback trails. My sister trained her dressage and now, on at the age of 20, she is riding with children. Some of those are riding championships with her. I am very proud of my little pony.
Five years ago, I bought my own Andalusian foal. I raise her myself. In between working with her, I was teaching young horses. Now I am riding my own Andalusian mare and she is going great!
One other great passion of my is diving! I started a few years ago and now I am addicted! It started in Koh Tao in Thailand. I saw beautiful natural creatures there, it was amazing! A year later I traveled to Indonesia with my mom. Diving there was a real turtle experience!
I like to work with children, people and animals (especially horses). When I was 19 I worked the whole summer at a horse camp in Holland. That was also an amazing time with a lot of adventures. I also groom dogs! image5
I look forward for this summer. I like to meet you all and make a really special time together. Time we will never forget! Think it will be great!
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Meet the adventurous Josh!

Meet Josh!

My name is Glenn J. Dickson III, but I go by “Josh”. This will be my first summer at Coppercreek Camp. I was born in Macon, Georgia and I went to High School in Bartlesville Oklahoma. Currently, I am working towards my Engineering Degree at Northern Oklahoma College.

Processed with VSCOcam with q10 preset

My hobbies include (but are not limited to) Music, Reading, Writing, Photography, Chess, Longboarding, Building, Fixing, Breaking, Hiking and Mountain Biking. I enjoy sports and any field activities. On an average day I will be the one riding around campus on the “giant skateboard”, I will also be the one falling off the “giant skateboard”.

Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset

On a not so average day I will probably be trying to figure out how to do something that I know absolutely nothing about. I’ll write you a silly song if you’re in a bad mood and there will be a cool picture and something that I tried to fix in there somewhere too. I’m excited to have the opportunity to welcome that first batch of campers onto the campground.


I am ready to provide a fun, safe environment for the campers to unwind and be themselves. There are many things that interest me and I wear many hats, but I always have room to try something new. I look forward to helping campers experience the joy of being optimistic and free. There is no better feeling.


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Meet the creative and animal loving Zannah!

Meet Zannah!


My name is Zannah, I’m from England and I’ll be teaching English horse riding and Art and Crafts this summer. I live in a city called Gloucestershire in the middle of the countryside where we’re famous for our cheese, our pigs and the famous Cheese Rolling festival where people race down an almost vertical hill after a wheel of cheese (no really, look it up!). 1025

I’ve ridden horses since I was 4 years old and have been addicted ever since, so I can’t wait to be able to spend all of camp away from all the British rain in the gorgeous Californian sun. I haven’t been to the USA before, so you’ll have to cut me some slack if I get a bit confused, because in the UK: Pants are called trousers, underwear are called pants, potato chips are called crisps and French fries are called chips (phew!). All the rumors you’ve probably heard about the English and their love of cups of tea are absolutely 100% true, so I’ll definitely be bringing my own stash of tea bags! 12823042_10208871353881451_503887955_o

I go to University in the middle of the city of Reading, 20 mins from London, and I study Biology. I love fancy dress and face paint; I still feel pretty smug about my home made giraffe fancy dress outfit I made with my best friend! When I’m not studying you’ll either find me baking (and definitely snacking) in the kitchen or drawing at my desk.247627_3091363540947_1816019876_n
I’m a huge animal person and have two of probably the biggest and shaggiest dogs you’ve seen! This is Finn, in the summer he has a habit of licking all the sun block off your legs as soon as you put it on, and then sitting on you so you can’t put any more on. I’ve worked with birds of all shapes and sizes from huge eagle owls to little yellow chicks. 12722510_10208860652293918_364563189_o

I’m a big lover of travelling, and love to experience new cultures and ways of life. I taught English in a summer school for 2 summers in China and it was an incredible experience, with delicious food and mind blowing scenery. The Great Wall of China was mind blowing! 312 - Copy

I’m so excited to come to camp and spend my summer in California, I can’t wait to meet you all!Owl Santuary - Me and Willow

See you there, not long now…


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Meet Marcus!

Meet Marcus!

My name is Marcus Kenmir and I am very much looking forward to my first of what may be many a Coppercreek Camp!


I’m from a small town outside Cambridge in the United Kingdom. More than anything else I’m looking forward to getting to know lots of smiley, happy people as possible! My hobbies including anything sports as well as drama and music, but trying new things is always an exciting experience too. Me and my pink ukulele can’t wait to jam out around the campfire with the rest of the crew!
The picture of me and my friend riding an elephant is in Sri Lanka and the other is me on top of a mountain in Italy.
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Meet Natalie for her 3rd year at Coppercreek!

Meet Natalie!

LJJ Cavalia

Hello Everyone! My name is Natalie. I am from Turlock, CA and this will be my third summer here at Coppercreek and I am very excited.

Camp Sutter y Catherine

I am currently at Cal State University Stanislaus studying English and Spanish. I spend most of my free time out in the barn doing lots of different things like giving kids riding lessons, taking lessons on Lacy Jane Johnson and helping with different projects.

Shelter Building

I also really enjoy spending time with my family and friends hiking, fishing and camping.

Bass Fishing

Snow with Papá

During the summer you can find me in the barn giving riding lessons, studying with campers who are working on CHA ribbons, and showing campers how much fun it is to vault.


You can also find me leading fishing and frog catching adventure to Lynn’s Pond. This summer I am looking forward to seeing all the campers who are excited about spending time in the barn, teaching campers how to fish, and of course Capture the Flag night.


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Meet Flor!

Watch this little video to meet Flor!

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