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The Big Five Recap!

Our Big Five activity programs have now been explained over the past couple months. Missed one? Here is a recap:

TAPs/Rock Climbing/High Ropes:


The Equestrian Center:


Water Sports:


BMX/Mountain Biking:

saturday 11th july 227



These are just five of our big programs but there is plenty more to do at Coppercreek Camp!DSC_0972

Coming next on the weekend blog posts will be our teen leadership programs!

TREK 023

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Musical Theater, Drama, and Music at Coppercreek!

Many of our staff here at camp live to share their love of music, dance, theater, and comedy with campers.


Every afternoon campers can participate in drum, piano, and guitar lessons on the porch. Many campers choose to play their favorite songs at our Sunday Vespers (words and music) program.



Drama and Musical Theater is offered just about every day. Campers combine individuality and teamwork to create sets, costumes and camper written and directed plays. The drama program culminates in a 30-minute performance on the last evening of camp. These performances have ranged from camper written short plays to a full Lion King musical.


Campers who love to dance will find plenty of opportunity to practice and perfect their skills. We encourage the campers in our dance program to choose their music and choreograph their own routines. We have staff who are tap dancers, ballerinas, jazz and swing dancers, all eager to share their knowledge and skills.

DSC_0233On the last Thursday of the session, campers can showcase their new and improved talents at our Coppercreek Talent Show.

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Wordless Wednesday- Music at camp








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Throwback Thursday


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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday


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Every Friday night, we have a rockin’ dance party. Everyone comes in costume and we dance the night away. Drumroll, please!



Here are this summer’s themes!



Session 1


Black and White



Session 2

Neon 80s

Hawaiian Luau



Session 3

Super Hero

Fantasy Night (We are thinking witches and wizards,knights and princesses or any other fantastic character you can think of.



Session 4


Hollywood- Rock Star



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Meet Austin!



Hi everyone, my name is Austin and this will be my first time ever going to camp and I’m really excited to meet you all! I just graduated from Miami University in Oxford OH (Not Florida) after majoring in Zoology. I grew up on a farm in Oxford PA where I learned to love being outdoors and exploring.

CC blog Pic 2

I’m a big fan of backpacking, hiking, biking, camping, sailing, and mountain biking and I try to take the opportunity to do all of these things as often as possible. This past spring break, my friends and I  went snowboarding in Colorado (my first time ever, yes it was awesome when I wasn’t laying face down in the snow) and then we went backpacking in Zion National Park in Utah where we had a 4 day backpacking trip planned. But all of the trails were covered in snow so we did it anyway and it was a great time.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be doing anything else at the time.

CC blog Pic 3

Aside from nature I also love rock and roll; I have been playing the drums in a band called “Octopus for Good” for the past two years. I don’t limit myself to just drums, I still enjoy singing, playing guitar, and trying to learn any instrument someone puts in front of me.

CC blog Pic 6

I love to play all sports! In high school I played football, baseball, and ran track and field all at the same time. In college I have played just about everything else including my intramural experiences in basketball, softball, and ultimate Frisbee. I just think it’s a lot of fun to be out running around with some friends. So I’m really excited to play games with all of you and be outdoors all summer long.

CC blog Pic 5

I’m not all sports, science, and serious; I love to be silly whenever I get a chance. This year my friends and I dressed up as Mt. Rushmore for Halloween. I’m also known far and wide for my legendary dance moves, or at least in oxford OH and I can’t wait to break it down with everyone and strut my stuff on the dance floor.

I can’t wait to meet all of you, I’ll see you at camp!

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Wordless Wednesday


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Meet Elena!



Hey everyone! My name is Elena and this year will be my first at Coppercreek and unbelievably, my first summer camp experience, so I know I’ll have a lot of fun.


I am from sunny Florida, born and raised in Gainesville- famously known for the Florida Gators, Gatorade, and nothing else. I am just finishing up my undergraduate in Anthropology and Religion after four years here at UF, and I am both nervous and excited to be moving across the country to start a new life.


I absolutely love to travel, and I spent my spring break driving around Puerto Rico and last semester studying abroad in Paris. I love music, cooking, and the great outdoors, and I am always up for adventures of any kind! Can’t wait to get over there and meet you


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