Meet Megan!



Hey! I’m Megan McCauley and this is my first summer at Copper Creek. I cannot wait to get to camp…so excited! I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri but moved to Tempe, Arizona three years ago to go to school at Arizona State University. I’m an Earth and Environmental Science major and have one more year left in school…then I’m hoping to work as an environmental scientist (or at least to do something that allows me to work and connect with both people and nature).


I’m very outdoorsy….hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, etc. is my life 🙂 I always tell people that if I could, I would live in a treehouse in a forest, for the rest of my life! Nature is what brings out my happiest self and it’s what makes me feel the most at home.


I also listen to a lot of country music cause let’s face it: country music is definitely the best. And, I like to play my guitar on a daily basis. I taught myself everything I know and have been playing for about six years now and really love it….especially when I can play it outside! I’m really looking forward to bringing it to camp and to be able to share music with the kiddos 🙂 I am most looking forward to meeting the kids at camp and having the opportunity to make a difference in their lives the same way my counselors did for me when I was a camper…and of course I can’t complain about living in nature for the summer and getting to meet other counselors from all over 😀


So you want to know random facts about me? I am excellent at impersonating other people’s laughs…so get ready for me to try yours! I also talk to myself a lot as if I’m my own best friend (only child syndrome….gotta love it). One of my biggest goals in life is to attend a salsa tasting convention. I also intend to put on blue suede shoes and walk in Memphis while listening to the song…not even kidding…it will happen. So that’s pretty much me! Looking forward to meeting all of my fellow counselors and all the kiddos this summer!! 🙂

Meet Andrea!


Hi Everyone, my name is Andrea! I am originally from Thousand Oaks, just outside of Los Angeles, but have spent that last almost six years up in Davis, California.


I currently work as a tutor, and co-manage a free clinic for the homeless in downtown Sacramento. I was lucky enough to come up to visit camp on a volunteer retreat last spring, and am super excited to be coming out as a counselor this summer!


My family is extremely outdoorsy, and I grew up backpacking, camping, biking, and fishing in the Sierras and elsewhere in the states several times a year. I love being outside, and will make almost any excuse to get away to the mountains.



If I am not outside, and not doing some boring, responsible adult activity, I am likely playing a musical instrument. My instrument of choice is the guitar, but I have some skills on the ukulele and keyboard, as well as minor skills on the trumpet and cello.


I am excited to share my love of the outdoors and music this summer, and can’t wait to meet you all.



Meet Jackie!


Hi everyone!! My name is Jackie and 2013 will be my very first summer as a counselor at Coppercreek!!!

I’m originally from Long Beach California and last year I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with bachelor degrees in music performance and human development. Now I attend The Wright Institute School of Psychology in Berkeley.

Jackie and her celli

I have a very WIDE variety of interests, first and foremost music music and music!!! I play the cello, the guitar and the piano (depending on what kind of day it is).


I am obsessed with musical theatre in every way and on most days you’ll find me singing show tunes or Disney songs (Tangled!!), and/or dancing! I LOVE dance! Especially jazz, hip hop and contemporary.

Jackie and hair bows

I am also obsessed with crafting and I love to make my own hair bows and jewelry.

Jackie at camp

I’m no stranger to the amazingness that is life at camp. I’ve been a camp counselor for 4 years and I was also a camper myself once upon a long time ago and I have the teenaged photos to prove it! I made some of the absolute best friends I have at camp and most of us are still super close (some of us even went to college together!!) I’m really excited to be a part of the camp experience for the Coppercreek campers this year. I am so ready to get the summer started. I know it’s going to be incredible!!!! See you soon!