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Silly Sunday!


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Silly Sunday!


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Throwback Thursday!


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Wordless Wednesday


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Family Christmas Tree Gathering at Coppercreek!

There is nothing better this time of year than having the family together to pick out a special Coppercreek Christmas tree!


Ryleigh-Roo had a go with the hand saw while Craig watched carefully in the back.


Little Mia (“Queen Elsa”) helped her mommy and daddy carry their “Frozen” tree to the car.


Becky and Ilana were camera ready for the Evarts family photo!


Ryleigh and Kenna with their finished product by night time!

And the best news…. only 6 months till campers come!! 

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What camp means to me… quotes from camp people.

I love camp because I have made awesome friends that I only see at camp and it makes that time special! -Jemma


I love camp because its the best place on earth. -Sylvie


It’s my second home and always will be❤️. -Dani


Camp means being surrounded by people you love! -Zach


Camp means the best weeks spent making some of the best friends you’ll ever have. -Sarah


I love camp because it is a place overflowing with joy. -Fiona
Camp means a second home and a second family that I can go to every summer without fail and love and be loved. -Erin
I love camp because I can be who I really am, I have created a second home and family because of camp. I know that I will always be waiting for the next year of camp! Thank you for creating this amazing and wonderful camp for me and my family ❤️😘. – Emma
I love camp because in a world that is constantly changing and moving quickly and full of various pressures, camp stays the same–exactly as it should be. It’s a place one can always come back to and feel as if you’ve never left, no matter how long it’s been. -Jayne
I cannot fathom putting all that camp means to me into words, but here I go. Camp means the absence of social pressures, the opportunity to learn and grow in a new environment, a place to call your second home, and the making of many lifelong friends. It means the sun and the earth and the moon to me and more. It is that red dirt carpeted second home that always welcomes you with open arms. -Taylor
Camp is my family and my best friends. Camp has created my very best moments, and healed the very worst ones. Camp is safety and sunrise and starlight. Camp is the sound, the smell, the light, that say “you’re home.” – Amy
I wouldn’t be the person I am today without camp. – Jeff


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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday


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Camp Jam!


You start with instructions.


Strategize with your team.


Add face paint.


Perform your team cheer!


Cheer on other teams.


Ooooo! This one was a good one!

Sing campfire songs to the judges with lots of enthusiasm.

Create some fabulous hair sculptures.


Be the fastest team to put on wet clothes.

First-Session-13Take a team picture with the following:

2 people in one Coppercreek t-shirt

Have two hats

3 pairs of sunglasses

2 stuffed animals

2 people off the ground

everyone smiling

Have your best apple stackers compete.

Roll a cookie into your mouth without using your hands.


Husk corn with just your toes.

Be the first to shake 6 ping pong balls out of a tissue box.

Be the best burper.


Support your  friends.


Be a really good big brother.


Be super silly and have a REALLY FUN TIME!

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