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Drum Roll Please….Dinner and Dance Themes!

2016 Dinner and Dance Themes!



Dinner Themes:

  • Space Adventure… Come as the galaxy, an alien, a planet, or just the black sky! Maybe the whole cabin can be the solar system! 
  • Silly Tourists… Bring out the sun glasses, Hawaiian shirts, binoculars, “follow me” flags, and more! 

Dance Themes:

  • Holiday Party… Earth Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks Day?? What is your favorite?! 
  • Neon Highlighter Party… Come as bright as you can be!_DSC0001


Dinner Themes:

  • 4th of July
  • Royalty…. Calling all Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and Knights in Shining Armor 

Dance Themes

  • Luau
  • Halloween… what is your favorite Halloween costume?_DSC0026


Dinner Themes:

  • Silly Hat Night
  • Down On the Farm… are you a farmer? Farm animal? Bale of hay? Tractor? Maybe the whole cabin comes as a farm! 

Dance Themes:

  • When I Grow Up I Want To Be
  • Safari Search… In the jungle or on the plains? What do you see? IMG_6591


Dinner Themes:

  • Prom Night… Let’s dress the counselors up for their night at prom! 
  • Fantasy Land… Fairies, witches, goblins, unicorns, and more… use your imagination!

Dance Themes:

  • Thrift Store Finds
  • 60’s Hippy Night… Let’s see your best tie-dye, peace symbols, hearts, bell bottoms, and daisies! photo 5-2
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Throwback Thursday!


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Words For Wednesday- December is for giving.

December is our time to focus on giving the gift of camp by growing our Memorial Fund. Through your donations, we are able to welcome many campers to camp each summer on scholarships. Words for Wednesday will be thank you notes from previous scholarship campers during December. taps8

Today, lets start by enjoying this piece written by Mimi Hirstein- a long time camper, counselor, and camp mom.

By Mimi Hirstein

There are two kinds of people in this world… camp people and all the others.

I am proud to say that I am in the “camp people” category. You see, camp people know how to laugh at themselves, work hard, get along with anyone, live in dirt, eat what is served, appreciate nature, pee in the woods, take cold showers, live happily with out technology, make-up games, build camp fires, and spend time alone.

Coppercreek Camp is really the only place left where children can make their own decisions.  At camp no one tells campers what they will do that day. There are choices of activities and the campers can move freely from one place to another.  Unlike our over scheduled weeks crammed with sporting events, community service projects, studying, etc. camp allows children the opportunity to plan their days.  Children also experience responsibilities at camp.  Chores are a big part of living in a community.  Everyone contributes.  Bunks must be made, cabins must be cleaned, tables set and cleared, animals watered and fed, all without adult interference.  If a child does not participate in keeping up with their chores they will experience natural consequences, like having their cabin mates unhappy with them.

There have been numerous articles written lately about the lack of independence kids have upon entering college.  Studies have pointed to “helicopter parenting” as a major contributing factor.  I would love to see a study comparing “camp kids” to “non camp kids” relating to independence and coping skills when things don’t go perfectly.  I suspect that kids fortunate enough to have been campers are much better at advocating for themselves, being alone in a new environment, and getting along with people unlike them.  After all, camp kids have learned how to live without their parents.  They have been away from home and faced challenges by themselves.  They have experienced failures and successes with out their parents.  They know they can make it because they have made it before.

I have been sending my children to Coppercreek Camp since they were 7 years old.  I never worry about them while they are there.  I know that they are learning more about themselves than I could ever teach them.  As a parent my goal is to raise independent, kind, responsible kids.  I know that the best way to do that is to let them take risks.  Sometimes they will succeed and other times they wont.  Coppercreek provides the scaffolding needed when they do fail.  When things don’t go as well as planned, a counselor or a friend is there to say, “it’s ok, you’ll get it next time”!

I am so grateful to have had Coppercreek in my life and even more grateful that my children have it in theirs.lassentrip

There are two ways to make a contribution:

  1. Pay online now with our online donation system 
  2. or Print out our donation form and then mail it to:

Coppercreek Camp PO Box 749 Greenville, CA 95947

Make the check payable to either the Genesee Retreat or the ACA Camper Scholarship Program and memo “Coppercreek Camp”. We will forward your check to the appropriate foundation and send a receipt with their tax id number. We will acknowledge your donation in our camp newsletters as well as send you a report on the children who attended camp on camperships. 
Thank you! 

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John Lindskog- 10 long years

It has been 10 long years since we said, “Goodbye.” Amy Murray wrote about her special relationship with “Papa John” last year and here it is again because it is beautiful.

Camp Wedding Folks-1There are relationships that happen in grand swoops of time, that build over cups of coffee and glasses of wine and slow meals and travels and adventures.

There are relationships that go from zero to sixty – total strangers to dearest friends, in a matter of one long walk, one summer job, one shared dorm room.

My relationship with Papa was one of moments, tiny, shiny, round globes of time that snuck up on me, so that I didn’t even know how much I loved him until, in the blink of an eye, I did.

He wasn’t always “Papa.” At first, he was “John.” Then, when I was less afraid of him, he was “Johnny” (and sometimes, behind his back, he was “Johnny-boy”). And then he was “Papa” to the two little girls who ran all over camp. And then, suddenly, he was “Papa John” to all of us, introducing himself that way to the whole camp, every Opening Night. Papa John. Papa.

Now that he is gone, I keep those moments like a little boy keeps a pocket full of marbles, running my fingers through them over and over, picking out my favourites, treasuring them all.

Papa picking me up at the airport when I didn’t know him well yet, wasn’t sure how to greet him. A hard, short, surprising hug. “Babe, we sure have missed you. Welcome home.”

Home. Babe. A warm glow around those words. Home. Babe.

Meetings, often brusquely demanded by him, to pore over transportation lists and logistics. Who needs to leave when, in which vehicle, stand where, at which terminal. I didn’t always understand what he needed, but knew it was the ritual of the thing that mattered, the conversation itself a sign that he believed in my competence.

Closing days with early morning flights. The chill grey dawn, where Papa was the driver and I woke tired campers, loading them into his truck with sleep still in their eyes. The first year of this: Papa pacing, worrying gruffly that I would forget, sleep too late. The next summer: Papa calm in the kitchen on those mornings, making his coffee. “I never should have doubted you, babe. I put that kettle on for you.” A nod toward the stove, where the kettle was just starting to whistle for the tea I drank every morning. When did Papa take the time to notice my tea?

The years I stayed after the campers had left, to help with special events and rental groups, I would often wander down to the pool in the afternoons, to read until the slanting sunlight grew too hot, and then to float in the turquoise water, look up at the sky, feel myself in the centre of a perfect orb of blueness. Many days, Papa would show up, swim a few laps, sit with me and chat about the weather, the trees, the history of this place that he built. He never stayed long, standing up abruptly after a few minutes. “Well, Babe, I’ll get out of your hair, let you have your quiet.”

As fall crept up, Papa would pull out his road atlas, to talk about my long drive home, through 4 states and 2 provinces. It seemed to me he knew every highway, freeway, and dirt road that led out of that valley. He liked the long, isolated side roads for himself, but steered me towards better populated routes.

Papa left us the way he loved us: quickly, almost gruffly. True to everything about him, his house was in order, both literally and figuratively. He left no mess, literal or figurative, for his loved ones to clean up. When more than a hundred of us gathered to say goodbye to him, the air was filled with music and laughter, the tight hugs of those who share a history beyond words. Writing his obituary was one of the greatest honours of my life.

When Papa died, I phoned my own dad, in tears. “Daddy…. Papa died.” “Oh, darlin. I’m so sorry. I know you loved him. And he loved you, so much.”

Papa built the place I love best in the world. He was father to one of the best friends, and strongest women, I’ve ever known. For those 2 things, alone, I would have loved him with my whole heart. But having him love ME…

That is the roundest, shiniest marble of all, the one I pull out when things get dark, running the pad of my thumb over it’s blue-ness.

Papa loved me.


Please visit Miss Night Mutters to read more of Amy’s thoughts.

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Fall At Coppercreek!

It has been a busy fall for all of us at camp. The leaves are changing and we are working hard to prepare camp for winter while enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  photo 1-3 8.47.09 PMDifferent retreat groups have been enjoying camp in the fall as well. We had a group of alumni from the 1970s and 1980s here for a long weekend. They splashed in the pool, dined on Craig’s BBQ, and stargazed in the meadow. We also had Feather River College’s Outdoor Recreation Program and the FRC Volleyball team at camp for high ropes course training and team building. It was a blast to have these groups here over the last couple months! One of our counselors, Becca Rudy, also visited for a week and helped Sutter in the office and out at the barn.
volleyphoto 2-3
Sutter was able to take a trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. She had a wonderful time camping and photographing the beautiful scenery and wildlife.  She has also been riding and training our lesson horses, so they are “tuned up” before their winter break. Fall riding lessons for local kids are also well under way. Sutter’s team of local girls will start showing in the spring in Susanville, Reno, and Oroville! _MG_8127
firsttimeonherNov1Ryleigh made the Truckee High School Junior Varsity volleyball team. Team Hogland has spent the fall driving all over the great state of Nevada to watch her play and support her team. The Hoglands have even been to Elko, which well, is almost in Utah if you were curious! Ryleigh becky and craig
Kenna is busy in 2nd grade. She loves her teacher and has started playing a little volleyball herself. Becky and Craig are destined to spend their lives sitting in a gym. photoFall enrollment was successful! Many of our programs are filling quickly. Now is a great time to enroll to ensure your choice of dates and programs. Tuition will increase January 31st. Fall is never too early to start planning Summer 2016! Just 7 months until camp starts. Keep an eye out for our December events!
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Throwback Thursday!

clubmed copy

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Words for Wednesday by Gabby!

10 Reasons I love Coppercreek Camp

1.) Horses Horses Horses

2.) Kids that love Horses Horses Horses

3.) Waking up on a porch or in a cabin

4.) Making Best Friends

5.) Pine Trees

6.) Getting funny tan lines

7.) Being outside all the time

8.) Always having great people around

9.) Campfire

10.) A magical place I can always come back to and feel 18. Its a fountain of youth with amazing people and horses.gabby

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Silly Sunday!

What do you call a cow with a twitch? IMG_5534Beef Jerky!

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Silly Sunday!


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Words for Wednesday by Jess Jones

Vespers Session 3 2015

I love camp because…

  • When the weathers bad I get to build a rain cave in my outside bedroom.
  • No one can agree if The Sleeping Indian has a body or not.
  • All it takes to get Kevin O’Shay Shay to stay for 6 weeks is to remind him he doesn’t want to leave.
  • The most romantic song we play at dances is four Non-Blondes “what’s up”… and it is usually celebrated with bromantic couples dances.
  • On French Dip lunch day I get to yell “Friendship Day” at everyone I pass. And Butterfly Briggs usually gets me an extra.
  • The time moves faster, but means more. When we look back it feels like we arrived yesterday, but have known the friends we’ve made our entire lives.
  • Some how these two weeks remain extraordinarily important all year long.
  • Even more than all that I love that I get to spend this time with the JC’s. My kids are some of the greats.
  • I love that Ryan never says what you expect. He is always surprise. And his creations are a too. Just ask Taylor to show you her JC Christmas guitar.
  • I love a lot of things about Butterfly Briggs… Also known as Jonathan. But what has stood out most this summer is his desire to help. He has a heart for improving the lives of those around him… even through just small acts of kindness.
  • Kevin O’Shay has been here so many sessions you would think I’d run out of things to say about him… but not quite yet. I love how motivated Kevin is. In order to stay this session he has to get some serious school work done in his free time. He has certainly taken that challenge, and what is more impressive is that I can see how that motivation comes out in him at activities as well.
  • I love Trevor’s sense of humor. He has an understand subtle sense of humor that is all the funnier because you don’t always know he joking at first. He brings that postive energy with him everywhere he goes.
  • Pierce is an insanely charismatic person. He is just plain like able. With that comes Pierce’s ability to connect with people. He is so good at creating relationships with people. He knows how to make others feel their best. I love that about him.
  • Julia has a lot to love… noteable note… her laugh is incredible. But more than that I love Julia’s independence. She is fiercely independent. But she doesn’t push others away, she shares that strength with those around her and they are certainly better for knowing her.
  • I love Karen’s flexibility. I know that she can handle anything we through at her. She has the kind of personality that can make anything fun and the creative mind to get there with little direction. I think she could make an amazing activity happen if we gave her a pile of rocks as materials.
  • I love that Jonah is different than me… and we somehow manage to stay close. It takes a special kind of person to inherently value differences. People who are different are often scary or confusing but Jonah doesn’t have to find the good when faced with diversity. she just understands that those differences are valuable. Even if it means a bit more work to maintain a relationship.
  • I think the thing I love most about Taylor is how much she reminds me of a toasted marshmellow. Overall she is genuinely sweet but she has this shell and while not unpleasant there is some structure to Taylor’s persona when you first meet her. She is a professional Coppercreeker for sure. But when you get passed the surface you get to see how gooey she is on the inside. Kind, and goofy; loving and supportive.
  • I have had Emily in my cabin for a few years now, and I love that. It seems like every time we talk I learn something new about her. This session I have learned that Emily is not perfect. In the best possible way. She is learning to not only accept her imperfections but to celebrate them. And I am so glad. There is so much to celebrate about you.
  • I love this place. I love this group. We are a family and I can’t wait to spend another week together.
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