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Back for Round Two!

Meet Nick!

Hi my name is Nick. I am 22 years old and currently live in Oklahoma. I went to camp at the YMCA in Ponca City from ages 12-16, and have been in love with camp ever since!

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I started as a Teen Camper at the YMCA at age 12 where I found my inspiration for becoming a counselor and role model from Savanah Standifer. After I finished the program at 16 I started working as a camp counselor there. Six years later, I am here at Coppercreek and I could not be happier doing anything else for a living!

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I am a very outgoing person and willing to try anything once! I am very athletic and competitive but know how to put it aside and make sure the kids still have fun because that is what camp is all about, FUN! I am happy to be returning for my second year at Coppercreek and cannot wait to continue making memories.

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You can find me just about anywhere at Coppercreek… sometimes even as a jump setting assistant or vaulting star!


P.S. Safety First Then Friends.

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Words for Wednesday by Natalie and Sophie!

Camp Quotes

By: Natalie Macías and Sophie Hammond

  1. “How long is rest hour?”
  2. “Can you help me start a friendship bracelet?”
  3. “Oh the earth is good to me, and so I thank the earth…”
  4. “When is my lesson and who am I riding?”
  5. “Can I see your schedule?”
  6. “Can we get seconds yet?”
  7. “ARRRRGHHH! WASP!!!!!!!”
  8. “Eyes up heels down; Eyes up heels down”
  9. “Are you our RAT?”
  10. “RAIN!!!!!! REAL RAIN!!!!!!”
  11. “Is that a baby horse?”
  12. “RECON!!!!!!!”
  13. “I lost my water bottle….”
  15. “Why isn’t mini fun on the schedule today?”
  16. “Can I do vaulting for the talent show?”
  17. “I lost my chap stick”
  18. “Who wants to sort out the friendship string box?”
  19. *To Natalie*  “Can we give you a Mohawk?”
  20. “Found a Peanut, Found a peanut, found a peanut just now…”


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The first week of staff training has finished!

We had our riding instructors successfully complete our certification clinic over the last five days and our lifeguards are now American Red Cross Certified. Let the games begin for our next exciting week of staff training! Only 8 days till camp starts!IMG_0294

photo 1photo photo 3photo 2

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Wordless Wednesday!


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Wordless Wednesday- Staff Manual Family Feud








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Throwback Thursday- Happy Birthday Becky! (1996 Staff Picture)

1996Staffpicture2 1996Staffpicture

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Saying good-bye…our wonderful Junior Counselors


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