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Meet Edwin!

Hello everyone! My name is Edwin Hernandez. I am from Pachuca, Hidalgo,Mexico, studying a degree in marketing at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo.


I cannot wait to visit America this year and work at Coppercreek Camp. Next year I will go exchange to Europe or Asia. Also after I graduate I hope to get a scholarship to study a master’s degree abroad.


In my spare time I like listening to music, playing video games or hanging out with friends. I also like sports like soccer, Crossfit and ride bikes or running in the woods. I also can cook an awesome hamburger!


This is my first trip out of the country and also the first time I’ll be at a summer camp. I hope this will be a great experience with all of you and especially fun. I’m pretty excited to meet you all see soon.

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Meet the adventurous Josh!

Meet Josh!

My name is Glenn J. Dickson III, but I go by “Josh”. This will be my first summer at Coppercreek Camp. I was born in Macon, Georgia and I went to High School in Bartlesville Oklahoma. Currently, I am working towards my Engineering Degree at Northern Oklahoma College.

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My hobbies include (but are not limited to) Music, Reading, Writing, Photography, Chess, Longboarding, Building, Fixing, Breaking, Hiking and Mountain Biking. I enjoy sports and any field activities. On an average day I will be the one riding around campus on the “giant skateboard”, I will also be the one falling off the “giant skateboard”.

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On a not so average day I will probably be trying to figure out how to do something that I know absolutely nothing about. I’ll write you a silly song if you’re in a bad mood and there will be a cool picture and something that I tried to fix in there somewhere too. I’m excited to have the opportunity to welcome that first batch of campers onto the campground.


I am ready to provide a fun, safe environment for the campers to unwind and be themselves. There are many things that interest me and I wear many hats, but I always have room to try something new. I look forward to helping campers experience the joy of being optimistic and free. There is no better feeling.


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Throwback Thursday!

In honor of Kjessie moving back to Indian Valley!

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Words for Wednesday by Becca Rudy!

10 Life Lessons I Learned From Coppercreek Camp

  1. How to live with other people
  2. How to laugh at yourself
  3. The love of the outdoors
  4. The love and passion for adventure
  5. Friendships that turned into family
  6. Caring for different people
  7. Teamwork
  8. Hard work
  9. Pushing myself to be great and conquer anything
  10. To be myself


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Words for Wednesday by Gabby!

10 Reasons I love Coppercreek Camp

1.) Horses Horses Horses

2.) Kids that love Horses Horses Horses

3.) Waking up on a porch or in a cabin

4.) Making Best Friends

5.) Pine Trees

6.) Getting funny tan lines

7.) Being outside all the time

8.) Always having great people around

9.) Campfire

10.) A magical place I can always come back to and feel 18. Its a fountain of youth with amazing people and horses.gabby

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Words For Wednesday by Madi McKinstry

Things Coppercreekers Say by Madi

Things Coppercreekers Say

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Words for Wednesday by Jess Jones

Vespers Session 3 2015

I love camp because…

  • When the weathers bad I get to build a rain cave in my outside bedroom.
  • No one can agree if The Sleeping Indian has a body or not.
  • All it takes to get Kevin O’Shay Shay to stay for 6 weeks is to remind him he doesn’t want to leave.
  • The most romantic song we play at dances is four Non-Blondes “what’s up”… and it is usually celebrated with bromantic couples dances.
  • On French Dip lunch day I get to yell “Friendship Day” at everyone I pass. And Butterfly Briggs usually gets me an extra.
  • The time moves faster, but means more. When we look back it feels like we arrived yesterday, but have known the friends we’ve made our entire lives.
  • Some how these two weeks remain extraordinarily important all year long.
  • Even more than all that I love that I get to spend this time with the JC’s. My kids are some of the greats.
  • I love that Ryan never says what you expect. He is always surprise. And his creations are a too. Just ask Taylor to show you her JC Christmas guitar.
  • I love a lot of things about Butterfly Briggs… Also known as Jonathan. But what has stood out most this summer is his desire to help. He has a heart for improving the lives of those around him… even through just small acts of kindness.
  • Kevin O’Shay has been here so many sessions you would think I’d run out of things to say about him… but not quite yet. I love how motivated Kevin is. In order to stay this session he has to get some serious school work done in his free time. He has certainly taken that challenge, and what is more impressive is that I can see how that motivation comes out in him at activities as well.
  • I love Trevor’s sense of humor. He has an understand subtle sense of humor that is all the funnier because you don’t always know he joking at first. He brings that postive energy with him everywhere he goes.
  • Pierce is an insanely charismatic person. He is just plain like able. With that comes Pierce’s ability to connect with people. He is so good at creating relationships with people. He knows how to make others feel their best. I love that about him.
  • Julia has a lot to love… noteable note… her laugh is incredible. But more than that I love Julia’s independence. She is fiercely independent. But she doesn’t push others away, she shares that strength with those around her and they are certainly better for knowing her.
  • I love Karen’s flexibility. I know that she can handle anything we through at her. She has the kind of personality that can make anything fun and the creative mind to get there with little direction. I think she could make an amazing activity happen if we gave her a pile of rocks as materials.
  • I love that Jonah is different than me… and we somehow manage to stay close. It takes a special kind of person to inherently value differences. People who are different are often scary or confusing but Jonah doesn’t have to find the good when faced with diversity. she just understands that those differences are valuable. Even if it means a bit more work to maintain a relationship.
  • I think the thing I love most about Taylor is how much she reminds me of a toasted marshmellow. Overall she is genuinely sweet but she has this shell and while not unpleasant there is some structure to Taylor’s persona when you first meet her. She is a professional Coppercreeker for sure. But when you get passed the surface you get to see how gooey she is on the inside. Kind, and goofy; loving and supportive.
  • I have had Emily in my cabin for a few years now, and I love that. It seems like every time we talk I learn something new about her. This session I have learned that Emily is not perfect. In the best possible way. She is learning to not only accept her imperfections but to celebrate them. And I am so glad. There is so much to celebrate about you.
  • I love this place. I love this group. We are a family and I can’t wait to spend another week together.
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Throwback Thursday!

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Introducing a new star to our galaxy!

Meet Eli

Hey, Eli here!Eli and Sav Rockwall

My full name being Elijah Blaze Morin but as you saw from above I go by Eli. This will be my first year attending Coppercreek and I couldn’t be more excited. I am from Ponca City, Oklahoma, born and raised. I have worked summer camps, teen camps, and after school programs for the past five years at YMCA’s stretching from Oklahoma to Arizona. I have traveled throughout the country and Europe and love getting to see different cultures and styles of living.Eli in Rome

I love exercise and running and enjoy competing in races and marathons. I am a fishing fanatic and could spend my life on a lake just casting out the line. I also enjoy performing, spoken word poetry, stand up comedy, and rapping are my cup of tea but I’ve never been one to shy away from something new on stage.eli6

I can’t wait to arrive at camp and meet all of the staff, kids, and be a part of such an amazing camp. I’m thrilled to make new friendships, try new things, and also grow myself as a person. Eli1

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Introducing this awesome girl for a third year!

Meet Blaine!

Hey you, you’re a real cool cat.  You got a lot of this, and a lot of that, so come on down and…Oh wait I’m sorry, sometimes I get a little bit carried away when I start thinking about Coppercreek.  Pic 4

My name is Blaine Hostetler and I am from Wooster, Ohio.  This will be my third year coming back to be a counselor and I couldn’t be more excited!  In the time I don’t spend at camp I am a full time student at The University of Akron.pic 2

Some hobbies of mine range from perfecting the ultimate grilled cheese, learning new tricks at aerial and acro yoga, obsessing over how awesome my cat Luna is, and even writing a little bit here and there for a blog I recently started. Pic 3

A few fun facts about me; I am a vegetarian and have been for seven years!  I have mastered the art of friendship bracelet making. Grilled cheese is my favorite food.  Cherry coke is my absolute weakness, I can’t pass it up. Pic 6

Some of my favorite activities around camp would include archery, yoga, lacrosse, cookie baking, kayaking, and doing some climbing on the rock wall.  Although, if I had to choose one favorite activity it would be going to Lake Almanor.  Whether it’s in the morning or the afternoon I can show you how to kneeboard, wakeboard, or even water-ski on beautiful Lake Almanor.  pic 5

What I look forward to most this summer will be spending an endless amount of time on the lake, seeing just how many friendship bracelets I can make for every girl in my cabin, eating five grilled cheeses on grilled cheese day (minimum), singing at the top of my lungs to Don’t Stop Believin’, meeting new faces and reconvening with the old, but most of all a summer at Coppercreek with many great memories and deep belly laughs. Pic 1

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