Coppercreek Memorial Fund

Sunset view of Indian Head from Lynne's Pond.
Lynne’s Pond

Donate to our Memorial Fund

The Coppercreek Memorial Fund was established to honor the late founders of Coppercreek Camp, John Lindskog and Lynne Evarts. We believe strongly in the mentoring relationships, the value of time spent in nature, and the need to “unplug” from technology that takes place at summer camp. We are always looking for ways to open our doors to children who otherwise can not afford to attend. Through the fundraising efforts of our camp families, alumni and corporate sponsors, camp will touch the lives of children who never dreamed they could experience the magic of summer camp.

Donations to our Campership program may be made through either of two non-profit organizations: the Genesee Retreat or the American Camping Association Camper Scholarship Program.

The Genesee Retreat (tax id # 94-3230114) is a local Indian Valley non-profit foundation organized to help deserving Plumas County children with recreational, educational and health services. We have always believed in giving back to our own community and have directed the money donated to the Genesee Retreat to go to these children (100% of all donations go to the children).

The ACA Camp Scholarship Program funds will go to applicants who are selected from outside of Plumas County. Many of these children are part of our National Guard “Operation Purple” Program. We have hosted children of active service men and women at camp for several years now and will continue to do so with your generous help (ACA retains a 7.5% administrative fee).

Please consider sponsoring a child. If you or your children have attended summer camp, you already know what a life changing event this can be. Campers create a lifetime of memories, friendships, confidence and skills. Your generosity will change a life!

Make the check payable to either the Genesee Retreat or the ACA Camper Scholarship Program and memo “Coppercreek Camp”. We will forward your check to the appropriate foundation and send a receipt with their tax id number. We will acknowledge your donation in our camp newsletters as well as send you a report on the children who attended camp on camperships.

Thank you!

Ryan and his cabin group just being themselves.
Ryan and his cabin group just being themselves.

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