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You can contact us a variety of ways:

Becky and Ryleigh
Becky and Ryleigh

Becky is primarily the parent liaison, daily scheduler and juggler of many staff, campers and worried mommas. Probably her finest work is evident in her two lovely children, Ryleigh and Makenna.

IMG_6071 copy
Sutter Supervising Riding Lessons

Sutter is the year-round resident, wrangler of all things equestrian, and bravely stands behind Becky to pick up any dropped juggling balls should Becky need assistance. She was raised at camp her entire life by her mother Lornie.

Craig and Makenna
Craig and Makenna

Craig is eternally patient, having to work with an all female crew (except Rosco), can fix anything with duct tape and a wrench, is head of Transportation, Ropes, Water, Wheels, and hires the lovely people who work for us. He is the beaming papa of  Ryleigh and Makenna and Becky’s gallant husband.

We would love to hear from you. You can call 1-800-350-0006 or email us anytime through our contact form:

Craig holding Rosco who is covered with snowballs.

Rosco currently is grounded from his email account for tracking snowballs into the office. It is best to reach him through Craig.

Our website is:

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