Climbing, High Ropes, Music, Bikes… Meet Matt!

Hey, everybody! I’m Matt and I’m super excited to be a counselor this summer!

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I’m from Eureka, California and I grew up playing with animals, building sand sculptures, hiking through the woods, and hanging out with my awesome siblings.

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These days I’m a student at Willamette University in Oregon. I’m majoring in mathematics and I work as a sound technician on campus. I love riding my bike to school, hanging out with friends, playing guitar, and singing in choir and my silly a cappella group.

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My favorite activities at camp are rock climbing, high ropes, and mountain biking. My parents were both counselors back in the day, and now I finally get to do it too! I’m really looking forward to having a great summer with you all!

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For her third year on staff… meet Sera!

Hi everyone! My name is Sera and this will be my third summer at Coppercreek! I am so excited for yet another awesome summer filled with laughter, singing silly songs, outpost nights under the stars, and so so many other amazing fun-filled activities I get to share with you!


I am really into being outdoors and exploring what nature has to offer, so I love to go on hikes whenever and wherever I can! The most recent and notable adventure I went on was to Oregon, where I went on an immense amount of beautiful, breathtaking hikes. One week was just not enough! Aside from Oregon, I regularly go hiking around the beautiful county that I live in, Sonoma County, here in California. Sonoma County and the Bay Area have so many beautiful places to hike and explore, so many that I just haven’t been able to see them all just yet! But, just being outdoors and having the amazing luck to live in such a beautiful place is enough to keep me happy.


One of the reasons I first applied for Coppercreek two years ago is because I love working with kids and am working on earning my Teaching Credential so that I can teach, both here in California and hopefully abroad. Being able to work with kids inspires me. Any opportunity I can get to work with kids, you can bet I will take it. This includes the three years I worked at an amazing after school program through CalSERVES/Americorps, where I got to teach my own classroom full of children, and learn from them as they learned from me.


I am beyond excited for camp to start, and I cannot wait to see/meet all of you!


Announcing Dress Up Dinner and Dance Themes for Summer 2018!!

2018 Dinner and Dance Themes


Dinner Themes:

  • Going Green!… where are our recyclers, trees, plants, and scientists?! 
  • Royalty… Calling all princesses, princes, kings, queens and knights in shining armor!

Dance Themes:

  • Neon Highlighter Party… Dress as bright as you can be! 
  • Thrift Store Finds… put on your weirdest, wackiest clothing items that may have been found at a thrift store! Silly glasses? Weird pants? Crazy dress? 



Dinner Themes:

  • 4th of July
  • Super Hero Night… Dress your counselor as your favorite super hero!

Dance Themes:

  • Luau
  • Holiday Party… dress as your favorite holiday!



Dinner Themes:

  • Silly Hat Night 
  • Prom Night… Dress your counselors up for their night at the prom!

Dance Themes:

  • Under the Sea… diving for schools of fish, blue ocean water, sharks, and even Sponge Bobs! 
  • Halloween Party



Dinner Themes:

  • A Box of Crayola Crayons! … The whole cabin can come as a box of markers or crayons! Each person can be a color! 
  • Mustache Night!

Dance Themes:

  • Hippy Night! … bring your tie-dye, peace symbols, bell bottoms and daisies! 
  • When I Grow Up I Want To Be…. 

Words for Wednesday: Treehouse’s Favorite Things About Camp!

  1. High Ropes!
  2. We love the staff because they are nice, fun, and like our parents but cooler!
  3. Wakeboarding
  4. Horses, horses, horses!
  5. Our cabin mates and making friends
  6. The food!
  7. Having options to do the activities we want
  8. The structure of the cabin groups
  9. Coming the first day and knowing you are going to spend two weeks with these amazing people!
  10. Getting to see all of my camp friends each year.


Words for Wednesday: FBI’s 10 Things I Learned At Camp

  1. wakeboarding
  2. new horse skills
  3. how to get along with many different people
  4. teamwork and cooperation
  5. never doubt yourself and what others think of you
  6. friendship bracelets are currency
  7. how to share
  8. how to take responsibility and be independent
  9. listen to everyone’s opinions and compromise
  10. how to shower in two minutes!