Words for Wednesday: Treehouse’s Favorite Things About Camp!

  1. High Ropes!
  2. We love the staff because they are nice, fun, and like our parents but cooler!
  3. Wakeboarding
  4. Horses, horses, horses!
  5. Our cabin mates and making friends
  6. The food!
  7. Having options to do the activities we want
  8. The structure of the cabin groups
  9. Coming the first day and knowing you are going to spend two weeks with these amazing people!
  10. Getting to see all of my camp friends each year.


Words for Wednesday: FBI’s 10 Things I Learned At Camp

  1. wakeboarding
  2. new horse skills
  3. how to get along with many different people
  4. teamwork and cooperation
  5. never doubt yourself and what others think of you
  6. friendship bracelets are currency
  7. how to share
  8. how to take responsibility and be independent
  9. listen to everyone’s opinions and compromise
  10. how to shower in two minutes!


12 Years In The Making… Meet Agnes!

Hello everybody!!!!!!!

My name is Agnes and I am from San Francisco. I am pumped to finally be able to WORK at the amazing camp I have called home for over 12 summers! I am currently a sophomore at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and am planning on being an anthropology major.
Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.03.57 PM

I could not be more excited to come back to camp and help shape the lives of campers, just like my first counselors did for me. The memories and friends I’ve made have lasted so long and I am never truly myself unless I’m at camp.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.04.09 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.04.26 PM

I love to do art and I am excited to head up this coming summers art program. I also love the outdoors and exploring everything that nature has to offer, especially with my dogs. I recently went on the snowshoeing trip of a lifetime!

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.05.03 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.04.54 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.04.42 PM

I am so excited to get to know everyone and finally return home, this time for the whole summer!

Words For Wednesday: Galaxy’s 10 Things I Learned At Camp!


  1. to be patient
  2. to have an open mind
  3. I’m not as neat as I thought I was
  4. how to slackline
  5. I wouldn’t be who I am without camp
  6. I appreciate sleeping in the dark
  7. I discovered yellow watermelon
  8. hot chocolate tastes better after 15 minutes of waiting
  9. being a leader is awesome!
  10. my parents are more special to me than I thought