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Words For Wednesday: Happy Thoughts!

Happy Thoughts Session 2 2015

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Words for Wednesday: Happy Thoughts from Phules Paradise in 2015!

Happy Thoughts July 19th 2015

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Words For Wednesday by Carter

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 10.47.08 AM

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First Session 2016

As First Session comes to a close today, we look back at all the fun we had these last two weeks.


We started with some silly games.


Sang many wacky songs at campfire and laughed through skits about space aliens and baby deer.


Played until we couldn’t play any more.


Danced in holiday and neon costumes.


Slept under the stars and roasted marshmallows.


Heard the 50 best things about Coppercreek at Vespers.


Celebrated four birthdays and so many “firsts.”


Screamed and shouted away the afternoon at Camp Jam.


And best of all, made new friendships that will last a lifetime.


Today we did not say “goodbye”, but instead we said “see you later.”


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Words For Wednesday!-Happy Thoughts From Summer 2015

Happy Moments Written By Campers In Their Happy Thoughts Journals:

  1. “I actually did the Leap of Faith and got to read the quote at the top of the pole. I never thought I could conquer my fear of heights.”
  2. “I trotted over four poles on Phinney! I want to take riding lessons when I get home.”
  3. “Our whole cabin dressed up as different M&M colors.”
  4. “Our counselor played the guitar to us before we went to sleep.”
  5. “I got my kayak roll!!!!”


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John Lindskog- 10 long years

It has been 10 long years since we said, “Goodbye.” Amy Murray wrote about her special relationship with “Papa John” last year and here it is again because it is beautiful.

Camp Wedding Folks-1There are relationships that happen in grand swoops of time, that build over cups of coffee and glasses of wine and slow meals and travels and adventures.

There are relationships that go from zero to sixty – total strangers to dearest friends, in a matter of one long walk, one summer job, one shared dorm room.

My relationship with Papa was one of moments, tiny, shiny, round globes of time that snuck up on me, so that I didn’t even know how much I loved him until, in the blink of an eye, I did.

He wasn’t always “Papa.” At first, he was “John.” Then, when I was less afraid of him, he was “Johnny” (and sometimes, behind his back, he was “Johnny-boy”). And then he was “Papa” to the two little girls who ran all over camp. And then, suddenly, he was “Papa John” to all of us, introducing himself that way to the whole camp, every Opening Night. Papa John. Papa.

Now that he is gone, I keep those moments like a little boy keeps a pocket full of marbles, running my fingers through them over and over, picking out my favourites, treasuring them all.

Papa picking me up at the airport when I didn’t know him well yet, wasn’t sure how to greet him. A hard, short, surprising hug. “Babe, we sure have missed you. Welcome home.”

Home. Babe. A warm glow around those words. Home. Babe.

Meetings, often brusquely demanded by him, to pore over transportation lists and logistics. Who needs to leave when, in which vehicle, stand where, at which terminal. I didn’t always understand what he needed, but knew it was the ritual of the thing that mattered, the conversation itself a sign that he believed in my competence.

Closing days with early morning flights. The chill grey dawn, where Papa was the driver and I woke tired campers, loading them into his truck with sleep still in their eyes. The first year of this: Papa pacing, worrying gruffly that I would forget, sleep too late. The next summer: Papa calm in the kitchen on those mornings, making his coffee. “I never should have doubted you, babe. I put that kettle on for you.” A nod toward the stove, where the kettle was just starting to whistle for the tea I drank every morning. When did Papa take the time to notice my tea?

The years I stayed after the campers had left, to help with special events and rental groups, I would often wander down to the pool in the afternoons, to read until the slanting sunlight grew too hot, and then to float in the turquoise water, look up at the sky, feel myself in the centre of a perfect orb of blueness. Many days, Papa would show up, swim a few laps, sit with me and chat about the weather, the trees, the history of this place that he built. He never stayed long, standing up abruptly after a few minutes. “Well, Babe, I’ll get out of your hair, let you have your quiet.”

As fall crept up, Papa would pull out his road atlas, to talk about my long drive home, through 4 states and 2 provinces. It seemed to me he knew every highway, freeway, and dirt road that led out of that valley. He liked the long, isolated side roads for himself, but steered me towards better populated routes.

Papa left us the way he loved us: quickly, almost gruffly. True to everything about him, his house was in order, both literally and figuratively. He left no mess, literal or figurative, for his loved ones to clean up. When more than a hundred of us gathered to say goodbye to him, the air was filled with music and laughter, the tight hugs of those who share a history beyond words. Writing his obituary was one of the greatest honours of my life.

When Papa died, I phoned my own dad, in tears. “Daddy…. Papa died.” “Oh, darlin. I’m so sorry. I know you loved him. And he loved you, so much.”

Papa built the place I love best in the world. He was father to one of the best friends, and strongest women, I’ve ever known. For those 2 things, alone, I would have loved him with my whole heart. But having him love ME…

That is the roundest, shiniest marble of all, the one I pull out when things get dark, running the pad of my thumb over it’s blue-ness.

Papa loved me.


Please visit Miss Night Mutters to read more of Amy’s thoughts.

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Taking Camp Home

Camp is a special place and there is really no other place like camp. But what if we took some of the magic from camp back to the “real” world? It might just make your day a little happier. Let’s give it a try!IMG_7663

Turn off your phone for a period of time (and everything else electronic).

Enjoy the people around you.

Watch the sunset.

Focus on gratitude. Write down your happy thoughts from the day.

Dance to a song like no one is watching.

Take time to just do your friendship bracelet.

Smile. Laugh. Play.

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Happy Thoughts That Become Memories As We Say “See You Later!”

Climbing lassen peak.”

IMG_4718 copy 2

“Picking flowers at outpost.”

IMG_5525 copy 2

“Going to the pool and dressing up the counselors as fairies.”

IMG_6225 copy 2

“Finding Splash painted for my birthday.”IMG_5375 copy 2

“Songs at vespers.”


“Watching Campbell vault on Hatch at the Talent Show.”Carly

“BBQ night!!” 

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Some Happy Thoughts From 2nd Session Coppercreekers

“We got to all go into the staff lounge, sit on the couches, and sing songs together while the rain came down.”_MG_3875 “The rain gave us an awesome idea for our skit…Coppercreek’s Ark.”20150708_173904“Coffee Cake!” _MG_3326 “I did a set of three bounce jumps on Pebbles.” IMG_4321 “We got to have ‘in-post’ and I played card games with my friends for hours in a circle.” 20150711_110918“I loved the skits on the first night of campfire.”IMG_4173

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Happy Thoughts To Ring In Session Two!

We had a wonderful First Session here at Coppercreek. Pictures can be found all over Facebook, Instagram, and SmugMug_DSC0976

Here are some happy thoughts from Coppercreekers as we welcome new and old friends today for Second Session!

“People are arriving that will become my best friends!”IMG_3439

“Nick is back, I caught two frisbees at once, and we all ate dinner together as a family.”4thjulydance

“We all played frisbee together during family hour.”IMG_3520

“I got to swim!” IMG_3547  “I got to meet the goats, Biscuit and Gravy, and the baby pigs, Pork and Chop.”  DSC_0040

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