Sundays are for Vespers


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What you have all been waiting for… DINNER AND DANCE THEMES for 2017!!!

2017 Dinner and Dance Themes


Dinner Themes:

  • Silly Hat Night
  • Down On The Farm… cowboys, cowgirls, barn animals and more!

Dance Themes:

  • Under the Sea… diving for schools of fish, blue ocean water, sharks, and even Sponge Bobs! 
  • Halloween Party


Dinner Themes:

  • 4th of July
  • Prom Night… Dress your counselors up for their night at the prom!

Dance Themes:

  • Hippy Night! … bring your tie-dye, peace symbols, bell bottoms and daisies! 
  • Fantasy Land!… Fairies, witches, goblins, unicorns, superheroes, and more! Use your imagination… 


Dinner Themes:

  • Super Hero Night… Dress your counselor as your favorite super hero!
  • Twister! … The whole cabin can come as a twister board!

Dance Themes:

  • Neon Highlighter Party… Dress as bright as you can be! 
  • Space Adventure… journey through cabin group solar systems, aliens, black night skies, and galaxies of stars


Dinner Themes:

  • Candy Land! 
  • Royalty… Calling all princesses, princes, kings, queens and knights in shining armor!

Dance Themes:

  • Luau
  • Holiday Party… dress as your favorite holiday! 

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First Session 2016

As First Session comes to a close today, we look back at all the fun we had these last two weeks.


We started with some silly games.


Sang many wacky songs at campfire and laughed through skits about space aliens and baby deer.


Played until we couldn’t play any more.


Danced in holiday and neon costumes.


Slept under the stars and roasted marshmallows.


Heard the 50 best things about Coppercreek at Vespers.


Celebrated four birthdays and so many “firsts.”


Screamed and shouted away the afternoon at Camp Jam.


And best of all, made new friendships that will last a lifetime.


Today we did not say “goodbye”, but instead we said “see you later.”


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My Favorite Part Of Camp By Battleship


We asked Battleship what their favorite part of camp is so far. Here are the answers:

Brandon- Horse Riding!

Jesse- All my friends in Battleship.

Lucas- Canoeing the other night up at the lake.

Riley- Climbing all the way up the climbing wall!

Michael- Nameball

It has been a great first couple of days and we can’t wait for Outpost tonight!


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Silly Sunday


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Throwback Thursday!


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Throwback Thursday!


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THANK YOU!-Words for Wednesday

Dear Whomever This Letter May Concern,

Camp rocks! Or, more specifically, TREK rocks! This year I got to go to third session for the first time. It was weird not knowing everybody for the first few days, but everyone was really nice and fun to be around. It was a session full of firsts for me because it was my first time on TREK too!

We had a lot of fun in the caves, but it was hard work. We had to crawl through crevices only a foot off the ground! But it was worth it to see all of the shimmery rocks above our heads. They would glitter like gold and silver. I remember even seeing some blue in some parts. Caving also made me appreciate simple things like being able to stand up without hitting my head!

After caving we went back to camp for both a break and the dance. The real exciting part was being able to eat without cooking ourselves. I’m not saying TREK food was bad, but you try giving a bunch of 14 year olds cooking responsibilities for a week. It doesn’t end well.

The next week we went backpacking and river rafting but I’m running out of paper so all I can tell you is that it was a TON of fun and worth every hour left unslept. I’m so excited to come back next year!

Thank you and goodbye.

~Anonymous IMG_5932 2

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Words For Wednesday by Becca Rudy

10 skills I learned at Coppercreek Camp: 

  1. How to wakeboard
  2. How to kayak
  3. How to rock climb on real rocks
  4. How to camp under the stars
  5. How to backpack for a week
  6. How to BMX
  7. How to make ice cream
  8. How to fish
  9. How to canoe
  10. How to cave


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Words for Wednesday by Chloe Monday!

Ten Things I Love at Coppercreek:

1.  The cabin family that becomes very close in only 14 days

2.  Mornings at the barn with all the horses and horse lovers

3.  Rest hour! I miss my 1:00 naps

4.  Family hour! It includes anything from and intense game of SPOONS to lounging lazily on the cabin porch with friends

5.  Saddle club with just Alex, Emma and me.

6.  Capture the flag!!

7.  The ropes course! I loved the challenge of the VPG which included swarming (harmless) ants.

8. The camp “bubble.”  Camp is its own little world full wonderful people!

9.  Art. The favorite afternoon activity (besides the pool) for warm days

10. Getting to choose which activity you would like to do each 1-1

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