Another camper, CIT, and JC joining us at the barn this summer! Meet Alex!

Hello friends! My name is Alex, I’m from Berkeley, California, and I’ll be one of your fearless riding instructors this summer. I can hardly believe summer is almost upon us, and I could not be more stoked about it!

This will be my first year on staff, although not my first great time at Coppercreek – I was a camper, CIT, and JC back in my day. Since those days, I went off to college, where I studied political science and graduated in 2015, and then moved to San Francisco and worked for a year. For the last eight or so months, though, I’ve been travelling and living abroad, mostly in Southeast Asia and South Africa.

This summer, I am beyond excited about capture the flag mania, rousing campfire song sessions, making (and maybe teaching you to make?) friendship bracelets of every pattern, and all of the adventure and good vibes I have always known camp to bring.

Last but not least, this was a great excuse to dig up the the oldest camp photos I could find! Taken in the early and mid ‘00s, as far as I can tell… 

(Baby Soliel! Awwww!)

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