Joining Us From The Dominican Republic… Meet Mario!

Hello Everyone! Greetings from Dominican Republic,  my name is Mario Jorge. I am an international student from Santo Domingo, DR,  and I will be one of your support staff this summer.

This is my first year as support staff, although not my first great time in the United States. I worked as public area in North Carolina in 2015 and as a food service/customer service representative and cook in Vallejo, California in 2016. I know that with this knowledge, I will be very useful for all of you.
It is exciting to know that summer is almost beginning and I will be sharing my culture, language and experiences from the summer before with all of you guys.
I am looking forward to see you at camp this summer!

Back For His 3rd Year…. Meet Nick!

Hi my name is Nick! I am originally from California, but currently reside in Oklahoma. I came to Coppercreek spontaneously 2 years ago on short notice. Safe to say I fell in love with it and am excited to announce I will be returning for my 3rd year!

I went to my first summer camp when I was 12 and was instantly hooked. Camp is all about being 100% yourself without anyone judging you for it. You meet people with similar interest who you may have not thought you would. Next thing you know you become best friends at camp then friends for life. Camp is a second family.

My role at camp ranges far and wide, I can do it all. You can find me playing sports in the field, hanging up high at our high ropes course, even soaking up the sun at the lake or teaching drama games on the campfire stage. Come hangout with me and all the other staff for a summer you won’t soon forget.

Joining Us at the Barn… Meet Shelby!

Hi all! My name is Shelby Jones and I’m from Granite Bay, CA. This is going to be my second summer returning as a staff member. Many of you will remember that I was the F.B.I. cabin counselor last year and this year I will be one of the horseback riding instructors.

I grew up riding in the United States Pony Club and I have trained and competed in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage. When I’m not at camp I spend most of my free time at the barn riding and taking care of my new horse, Charlie. Charlie is a retired racehorse that I am currently retraining to be an eventing horse, which has been a very challenging and also rewarding process. Horses are my life passion and I’m very excited to share all that I can with you all while I’m at camp.

I can’t wait to be back at Coppercreek this summer. I’ve missed making friendship bracelets, singing stand up songs, paddle boarding, canoeing and most of all my friends from camp.

Joining Us From the South of England… Meet Chris!

Hi everyone………..I’m Chris!

I come from a really small town in the South of England called Ottery St Mary.

I work with kids all the time in the UK as my mum owns a children’s day care centre and I’ve worked there since I was 15. It’s great fun and really rewarding. I love to make the children’s days as fulfilling as possible.

I am also a qualified ski instructor and join you all at Coppercreek fresh from a winter season in Canada. This was an amazing experience and the longest time I had been away from home.  This will be my first time in the US and I’m really looking forward to the new challenges it will bring.

I’m pretty outgoing with a great sense of fun.  I will give anything a go!

No matter how daft it looks!!


I’m always calm and patient and nothing really fazes me.  In my ski job this really helps, especially when taking a group of young children down the side of a mountain……alone!!

I love the outdoors and take any opportunity I can to do things outside.

I love a challenge and this was my biggest so far. Here’s me at the end of a cycle ride along the entire length of the UK from John O Groats at the tip of Scotland to Land’s End at the bottom of England.

Another camper, CIT, and JC joining us at the barn this summer! Meet Alex!

Hello friends! My name is Alex, I’m from Berkeley, California, and I’ll be one of your fearless riding instructors this summer. I can hardly believe summer is almost upon us, and I could not be more stoked about it!

This will be my first year on staff, although not my first great time at Coppercreek – I was a camper, CIT, and JC back in my day. Since those days, I went off to college, where I studied political science and graduated in 2015, and then moved to San Francisco and worked for a year. For the last eight or so months, though, I’ve been travelling and living abroad, mostly in Southeast Asia and South Africa.

This summer, I am beyond excited about capture the flag mania, rousing campfire song sessions, making (and maybe teaching you to make?) friendship bracelets of every pattern, and all of the adventure and good vibes I have always known camp to bring.

Last but not least, this was a great excuse to dig up the the oldest camp photos I could find! Taken in the early and mid ‘00s, as far as I can tell… 

(Baby Soliel! Awwww!)

Another Camper, CIT, TREKKER, and JC back to be a counselor!! Meet Leo!

Hey everyone! My name is Leo Daverson and I’m from Chico, California. This will be my 10th summer at Coppercreek, but my first as a Counselor. I’ve been a camper, CIT, Trekker, and a JC. I hope to make sure everyone enjoys camp as much as I have!

I’ll be running the drama activities so you’ll probably find me down at the campfire stage! 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at camp this summer!