Flor Writes About Returning to Coppercreek Camp!

My First Experience on My Stay in the United States

By: Flor Miguel Miguel


My name is Flor Celina Miguel Miguel. I am from Mexico. I am a support staff who participated in 3Adventures to work in a summer camp. The purpose of this is to present my writting with specific points related to the experience I had in the Coppercreek Camp.

Why I Would Like to Come Back at  Camp

As I enjoyed to be part of the camp called Coppercreek, I would like to come back there for many reasons. The first reason is because of the good enviroment of working. This was because of the camp´s purpose which was to have fun, so everybody focused on that. The second reason is because all people who were there treated me very well. As I had a good relationship with them, I enjoyed to be with them working, doing activities, eating and participating in the afternoon activities. The third reason was my job because I liked the tasks that my boss assigned me. And the last reason why I would like to come back is because of the nature and weather. I  got used to being in a place quickly even tough there was cold or heat. I enjoyed to be in contact with nature, animals and activities.

The Actvities that I Enjoyed at Camp

Focused on the activities from the camp, I enjoyed all the activities, but there were some that cautivated me. Campfire was the activity that I enjoyed completely. It was because all the presentations that the children and the couselours presented made me laugh. Out post was the second activity that I enjoyed. This activity let me to be in contact with the nature and enjoy the company of the children. Visper was another activity that I also enjoyed. Because in this activity I appreciated the inspired words and sweet songs of the children. And this activity made me reflect about my present life. And the last activity was the Party Night. Although I could not participate in this activity, I liked to see the energy of the children and their creativity at the moment to do a costume. And the rest of  the activities were really entretaining as well.

Knowledge I Got During my Stay at Camp

As everybody knows, we never stop learning and when we are in a place completely different, our learning increases meaningfully. That was my case because I learned in different aspects. One of the aspects was learn to see just the possitive things of my life. I learned to be nice with everybody no matter what happens.  I learned to have fun doing simple and complicated activities. About the language, I feel I could improve my English since I paid a lot of attention to each conversation I listened from people who were around me. And I also could have small conversations that let me to acquire vocabulary. To treat and to take care of the children was the abilities that I improved there because in some activities I needed to keep my eyes on them since some of them were mischievous.

How Camp Has Helped me in the Real World

The general knowledge I received from the camp was meaninful. The first one was the gratitude since everybody from the camp practiced this value. It was when I discovered the importance that this value has in the real life, but sometimes we forget to thank. People from the camp also taughed me the importance to have fun  and when I saw  them laughing, I wanted to laugh too but it was difficult for me because I used to focus my attention on my tasks and responsabilities. Now I could laugh more often. Basically I learned how important is to practice the values in our real life.

I hope you have enjoyed my writting and thank you so much for your time.

Josh Is Back For Round Two!

Coppercreek Camp is like my home away from home! I am excited to say that I will be heading back for my second summer.

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My name is Glenn Dickson III. However, I go by “Josh.” I am a Photographer, a Poet, a Hiker, a Mountain Biker, a Guitar Player, a Fisherman, a Lifeguard, a Thinker and above all I am a Dreamer.

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At camp I’m usually leading a mountain bike ride, taking pictures, playing/singing in the band or yelling “Zipper!” as I send campers down the zip line.


I love Coppercreek Camp because it provides a safe and comfortable environment for campers to explore their interests, step out of their comfort zones and try new things.

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