15% off of Summer 2017 ends today!


 Why enroll early? 

 Last summer some of our popular programs nearly filled during Fall Enrollment.

As a returning family, you will ensure your first choice of session and program.

Our prices will increase this winter, enrolling now will lock you into our best pricing.

We guarantee this will be our lowest rate of the season.  

 There will not be a better offer!

Programs we anticipate filling early in the enrollment season include

all CIT sessions and some age groups in Traditional Camp for Sessions One, Two, and Three.

You may not get a spot in one of these popular and limited programs

if you wait to enroll!

You can just pay a deposit to grab your spot

or save a bundle by paying in full.



Tuition Rates until September 30th:

1 week session:  $1500

2 week session:  $2800

4 week session:  $4800

6 week session:  $7100


*pay in full and you will receive an extra 15% off*

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