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We always love returning staff!

Meet Sam!13 PM

Hey everybody! My name is Sam, and after a few years away, I could not be more excited to return to Coppercreek Camp this summer, a place that has long felt like a second home, as throughout the years, I went to camp as a family camper (yes, it use to be a thing at Coppercreek!) traditional camper, Trekker, CIT and JC, and then in college I was a counselor for two summers as well!


I am currently a play-play-sports broadcaster, and for the past few years, my schedule has kept me pretty busy in the summer, as I have worked for Minor League Baseball teams based in New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and New York, announcing and covering games on radio, TV, and the internet. However, I am now currently based in Albany, New York, where I spent the last year covering sports for Union College, including their Division I men’s and women’s hockey programs, as well as their baseball team, while starting in the fall I will also announce field hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball and lacrosse for the school.11742986_10204474217435014_4635375703614943423_n

Although sports are clearly a big part of my life, I am always up for trying and doing something different, and that’s part of the reason why I have always loved my time at camp, since you get to try everything!! During my two prior summers as a counselor, I was a drama director, boat driver, lifeguard, vaulting instructor (the experiment had mixed results…but I loved it!) and cabin counselor ranging from youngest boys, to second oldest, and even one session looking after the boy JC’s (or as I remember Becky phrasing it on at least two occasions “having the JC Boys look after Sam”).



Other activities I cannot wait to resume doing at Coppercreek include outpost night, capture the flag, the talent show and any opportunity to put on a costume!!!


Beyond that, I am more than ready for fun, and hope you are too! I can’t wait to see you all at Coppercreek this summer!!

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Silly Sunday!


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Meet Caroline!

Hiya! My name is Caroline Ayala and I’m from Turlock, California – just like Natalie! In fact, we’ve been friends since high school!


I’m a current student at UC Berkeley planning to double major in Environmental Science and Society & Environment. After my undergraduate, I’m planning to go law school to become an Environmental Lawyer and potentially going to graduate school and receiving a masters in ecology. It means I’ll be in school for a very long time. However, I think learning is amazing and it would be pretty cool to be called Doctor Ayala.


While I have lived in California for most of my life, I spent the last two years attending International Boarding School in New Mexico. There, I backpacked the Grand Canyon for five days and went on a 10 day leadership expedition to learn the skills necessary to become a Wilderness Leader and lead a group into the back country.



Since then, I’ve backpacked a bit in Yosemite and plan to go on more trips in the future. I’m definitely excited to hike around camp!


Other than backpacking and studying, I enjoy playing music, learning languages, writing, swimming, and rock climbing.


Some of my favorite summer memories are from attending summer camp and I’m looking forward to spending the summer at Coppercreek! See y’all soon!


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Silly Sunday!


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First Session 249

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Meet Sera!

Hi! My name is Sera and I’m 20 years old! A few of my favorite things include going on bike rides with my dad and with my friends, hiking, bowling, singing, Disney movies (I’m obsessed with Tangled!), and reading mystery novels.DSC_0833

One fun fact about me is that I can sing almost any song from any Disney Princess movie (especially The Little Mermaid and Tangled), so feel free to test my Disney song knowledge.Sera

One thing I’d like to do more often is travel; after I went to Italy last year with my family, I’ve been wanting to go out of the United States and explore other countries. The next place I’d like to go to is Ireland.12768205_10205850789929005_6719480156879554866_o

Right now I’m going to the Santa Rosa Junior College here in California, and after my last 3 semesters I’m hoping to transfer to Sonoma State University to get my teaching credentials, since I want to be a teacher. 11035924_955239404527238_7659153128039966291_o

During the school year I work as an afterschool teacher for an organization called CalSERVES. This year I’ve had Kindergarten, and next year I’ll be teaching 1st grade. I’ve loved working with the amazing group of kids I have, and I can’t wait to work with so many more this summer! I’ve been said to be a big kid myself, since I love goofing around and doing silly things with the kids! 13047682_10206277769923238_345517312424073773_o

I’m very excited to meet you all and I’m looking forward to an amazing summer!

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Silly Sunday!


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Meet Your TAPs and Kayaking Buddy!

Meet Sierra!

Hey there! I’m Sierra, 23 years young, currently living in Quincy CA. I’ve been climbing trees and rocks all my life and can’t wait to share my passion with y’all. This summer is going to be awesome!


My hobbies include playing the ukulele, memorizing latin names for plants, mountain biking, creating art, taking candid photos and baking sweet things.

This is my first summer at Coppercreek and I’m excited to meet all of you and laugh the days away in the sun. See you soon!


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Throwback Thursday!


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Meet Maimie!

My name is Maimie. I am an enthusiastic person who loves to try anything new and definitely an adrenalin junkie. I have gone paragliding, participated in Tough Mudders, jump horses and play polo, love go-karting and rollercoasters, and have a huge passion for traveling. I have a very positive outlook on life, always seeing the good side of any situation.
I also love to dress up in costumes!
To my friends I am known as the “over hyper active Duracell bunny,” always having too much energy, usually first up and last awake, finding I get bored very quickley sitting round watching movies. I am more inclined to go out exploring or organize an excursion to random places. I am the oldest in my house but the most immature with a particular liking for Disney and childish games.
I have always had an interaction with children and loved being around them, encouraging them to expand on there skills and broaden their comfort zone.
Can’t wait to see you all of you soon!
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