Words for Wednesday by Chloe Monday!

Ten Things I Love at Coppercreek:

1.  The cabin family that becomes very close in only 14 days

2.  Mornings at the barn with all the horses and horse lovers

3.  Rest hour! I miss my 1:00 naps

4.  Family hour! It includes anything from and intense game of SPOONS to lounging lazily on the cabin porch with friends

5.  Saddle club with just Alex, Emma and me.

6.  Capture the flag!!

7.  The ropes course! I loved the challenge of the VPG which included swarming (harmless) ants.

8. The camp “bubble.”  Camp is its own little world full wonderful people!

9.  Art. The favorite afternoon activity (besides the pool) for warm days

10. Getting to choose which activity you would like to do each hour.photo 1-1

Words for Wednesday by Natalie and Sophie!

Camp Quotes

By: Natalie Macías and Sophie Hammond

  1. “How long is rest hour?”
  2. “Can you help me start a friendship bracelet?”
  3. “Oh the earth is good to me, and so I thank the earth…”
  4. “When is my lesson and who am I riding?”
  5. “Can I see your schedule?”
  6. “Can we get seconds yet?”
  7. “ARRRRGHHH! WASP!!!!!!!”
  8. “Eyes up heels down; Eyes up heels down”
  9. “Are you our RAT?”
  10. “RAIN!!!!!! REAL RAIN!!!!!!”
  11. “Is that a baby horse?”
  12. “RECON!!!!!!!”
  13. “I lost my water bottle….”
  15. “Why isn’t mini fun on the schedule today?”
  16. “Can I do vaulting for the talent show?”
  17. “I lost my chap stick”
  18. “Who wants to sort out the friendship string box?”
  19. *To Natalie*  “Can we give you a Mohawk?”
  20. “Found a Peanut, Found a peanut, found a peanut just now…”