What you have all been waiting for….

Dinner and Dance Themes for Summer 2015!_MG_5931

First Session

Dinner Themes: 

  •  Fairy Land

  •  Jungle Creatures

Dance Themes:

  •  Candyland… Favorite candy bar or part of the board game? 

  •  4th of July…Red, White, and Blue! _MG_5923

Second Session

Dinner Themes:

  •  Prom Night

  •  Thrift Store Finds

Dance Themes:

  •  Under the Sea… Come as a school of fish or dress in blue and be the water! 

  •  When I Grow Up I Want To Be… A camp counselor? A hippy? A firefighter? _MG_3169

Third Session

Dinner Themes: 

  • Pirate Adventure 

  • Royalty

Dance Themes:

  •  Neon 80’s… Where your wildest colors

  •  Disney Characters…. Are you the princess or the frog? Nemo or Olaf? _MG_2792

Fourth Session

Dinner Themes: 

  •  Safari Search

  •  Luau

Dance Themes:

  •  Holiday Party…What is your favorite holiday? Earth Day? St. Patricks Day? Valentines Day? 

  •  Space Adventure… Think Like An Astronaut and Dress Like the Sky _MG_2813

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