Throwback Thursday 2005- Was Eric always a velociraptor?

Since I was just “Facetiming” with this young man, I thought it might be fun to take a peek into the past.


And learn that some things never change!


Do you recognize those fingers, Coppercreekers? Eric Barger, front and center, has always been a velociraptor.

“The Best Gift My Parents Ever Gave Me Was Camp!” An Interview With Emma.



Hillsborough, CA (Bay Area)


How many years have you been at CCC?

Coming for my eighth year.

What are your favorites activities?

Some of my favorite activities are horses, Name Ball and Deck Fun.


Describe a counselor/s that impacted you in a positive way.

The counselor that has impacted me the most was my TREK counselors, Kathie and Jon. Both of them were fun, caring and I could go to them for anything. They made TREK the best experience of my life.


What is your favorite memory of camp? 

My favorite memory of camp is the last nights of camp, everyone sleeps on the floor together and reflects on the time we have had together. This is also a sad time but you realize that you have made life long friends.


What is your favorite campfire song?

My favorite camp fire song is “Lean on Me” because the song brings the whole camp together.


What advice can you give to a camper coming for their first time?

Be yourself, no one else is you and everyone will love you for who you are.


Anything else? 

The best gift my parents ever gave me was camp!

Vespers share: “What my name means to me” – Zachary Lassen Lusby

When I was eight years old,

coming to camp for my very first time

I didn’t quite understand why Mom named me “Zachary Lassen Lusby”

She told me that the only reason it wasn’t “Zachary Coppercreek Lusby” was because my Dad didn’t like it


But that’s what it meant to her

My Mom loved coming to camp more than anything else

And she worked that happiness to be in my name

Now, eight years older, and eight summers more, I finally understand what my name means


Camp means the company of people who love you

It means acceptance of others, no matter who they are

And it means finding yourself

Because camp is a haven from judgement


It’s a place where we can grow into the person we want to be

And have a lot of fun doing it

Every friend here lasts forever, even if we’re only together for two weeks

And every moment is cherished like a friendship bracelet


No matter the age, the gender, or anything else

Everyone here is our best friend

Camp is motivation; to sing, to dance, to not care what anyone else thinks

And camp is especially one thing: home


So to me, every time I sign or say my name

I get to feel every ounce of friendship, kindness, cheerfulness and joy that camp represents

I am named for every last one of you

And eight years later, I finally  understand why


It’s because camp means family

It means finding personal strength in friends

And always expressing your self

“Zachary Lassen Lusby”, as silly as it sounds,

defines camp and that’s how I define me:

Someone that is self-assured, outgoing and open

– by Zachary Lassen Lusby, Vespers 2013


Throwback Thursday- “Old School” Ropes Course: 1988-89

Coppercreek Camp put up their first Ropes Course on the “back 40” in 1985 (??) after Lornie experienced one through her outdoor recreation program at UC Santa Barbara. Ours involved mostly low group challenge events and a few ropes, like the one below.


We built a climbing wall and used some creativity to come up with crazy team challenges. For example, one event involved TREK filling a trash can full of holes, set a short ways from the creek, with buckets of water. The group had to work together quickly to fill it before it emptied.

The first climbing wall.
Team challenge wall
Team challenge wall
We actually still use this one.
We actually still use this one.
Trust Fall
Trust Fall

Eventually, the campers and staff got tired of hiking out to the Ropes Course and we moved it into the tall trees below our equestrian center in the main part of camp around 1994. We had a company build the first few events and one of our climbing instructors created a few more, such as the Vertical Playground. Every spring, our course is inspected by a ropes course inspection company for safety, and  every summer, our ropes staff go through an intensive training session to run the course (more on that later). There is SO much more to running a ropes course than the early days.