Lesson Horse of Summer 2013- LUCKY!


Lucky is an older gentleman we “luckily” acquired many years ago from a local boarding stable. Lucky’s owner had abandoned him and the boarding facility called us wanting to know if we might want a nice children’s horse. Our Riding Director, at the time, Kalli Bowles, took him for a test ride and immediately approved. Lucky has been a cornerstone in our lesson program ever since.


He patiently allows campers to learn the beginnings of horsemanship. He is happy teaching a camper how to “whoa” and “go” or “two-point”.


He even will trot happily through cavalettis and pop over a cross rail for the more intermediate riders.


He is getting older now and has earned a reduction in his hours but we will probably see him still cruising around the arena with a camper or two on his back, next summer.


His best buddy is Hank, who has won this title in the past. The two older gentlemen love their Equine Senior, carrots, and turn out with their other buddies.


2 thoughts on “Lesson Horse of Summer 2013- LUCKY!

  1. Lauren,
    This is really nice–a great honor for a horse. I still have Lucky (now 20) and Sparky (16 yr old Paint), the two horses I got from Tana. Glad to know your horse program is still going strong. I’ve lived in Salem, OR for the last twelve years, but I still miss Greenville and Lake Almanor.

    1. Hi Dave!
      So great to hear from you. Those were some great memories. I am glad to hear you still have Lucky and Sparky. We have Daisy, Slick’s baby, a Quarter/Welsh cross pony. I enjoyed watching Tana’s grandson compete on Slick this year in 4-H. Take care, Lauren

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