Camp Jam!


You start with instructions.


Strategize with your team.


Add face paint.


Perform your team cheer!


Cheer on other teams.


Ooooo! This one was a good one!

Sing campfire songs to the judges with lots of enthusiasm.

Create some fabulous hair sculptures.


Be the fastest team to put on wet clothes.

First-Session-13Take a team picture with the following:

2 people in one Coppercreek t-shirt

Have two hats

3 pairs of sunglasses

2 stuffed animals

2 people off the ground

everyone smiling

Have your best apple stackers compete.

Roll a cookie into your mouth without using your hands.


Husk corn with just your toes.

Be the first to shake 6 ping pong balls out of a tissue box.

Be the best burper.


Support your  friends.


Be a really good big brother.


Be super silly and have a REALLY FUN TIME!

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