Camp Jam!


You start with instructions.


Strategize with your team.


Add face paint.


Perform your team cheer!


Cheer on other teams.


Ooooo! This one was a good one!

Sing campfire songs to the judges with lots of enthusiasm.

Create some fabulous hair sculptures.


Be the fastest team to put on wet clothes.

First-Session-13Take a team picture with the following:

2 people in one Coppercreek t-shirt

Have two hats

3 pairs of sunglasses

2 stuffed animals

2 people off the ground

everyone smiling

Have your best apple stackers compete.

Roll a cookie into your mouth without using your hands.


Husk corn with just your toes.

Be the first to shake 6 ping pong balls out of a tissue box.

Be the best burper.


Support your  friends.


Be a really good big brother.


Be super silly and have a REALLY FUN TIME!

NEW- Stand Up Paddle Boards!

SUP at Lake Almanor
SUP at Lake Almanor- Gabby, Ansley, Emma, Maddy, and Phoebe

Today a group of campers got to go to Lake Almanor to try out Coppercreek Camp’s new stand up paddleboards! The campers all successfully stood up on the paddleboards and paddled around in a calm cove of the lake.


We spent a relaxing afternoon taking in the scenery of Lake Almanor and Mount Lassen and learning a new skill. A picnic lunch was enjoyed by the campers on the beach before going out into the lake.


Some of the campers explored the nature of the beach and discovered new bugs and plants. Coppercreek hopes that this new activity becomes something that campers can look forward to attending during the warm afternoons!


Club Med- What I liked most about my day!

Club Med First Session 2013

Our handy reporter asked the Club Med girls  what they liked best about today. Here are their responses:

Counselor Becca

Counselor Becca: meeting new friends, belaying at climbing wall.


Anna: Meeting new friends at the pool.


Hailey: Drama games were fun and funny.


Phoebe: Getting out of the wake on the kneeboard.


Maddie: Riding Cece in the jump arena today.


Eva: Specialty Open House at the barn; practiced vaulting and everything at horses.


Ansley: Hit both signs at sling shots and then signed the boards.

Club Med showing their true personalities!

Club Med showing their true personalities! P.S. Their good friend, Kathy, joined them in their cabin group picture. :^)