Willow Clinic- Sacramento, CA

Willow Clinic Interns
Willow Clinic Interns

Coppercreek Camp hosted the UC Davis student interns from Willow Clinic on June 18-19 for their yearly retreat. These students volunteer countless hours to the homeless population in Sacramento. Willow Clinic is one of seven student-run clinics affiliated with the UC Davis School of Medicine. It is composed of undergraduates, college graduates, medical students, resident and attending physicians. The clinic operates out of the Salvation Army Del Oro Division Shelter in Sacramento, CA.

 “The mission of the Willow Clinic is to improve the health and well-being of the homeless population of Sacramento by helping to meet the psychiatric and medical care needs of this underserved population, as well as to provide a unique platform for medical & undergraduate student education.”

Round Valley Reservoir
Round Valley Reservoir

Sutter Allen, Lornie Allen’s daughter, has participated in Willow Clinic for several years while pursuing  her undergraduate degree. She brought her fellow interns to camp for a little fun in the mountains. The group went canoeing on Round Valley Reservoir practicing perfect circles to the amusement of the locals.


The evening was spent making S’mores over the campfire, singing, and performing silly skits. In the morning, they took a hike up the mountain to see the beautiful views around camp, met a few horses, and finished up with a yummy barbeque. We really enjoyed meeting such bright, motivated young people and sharing camp with them.

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