Meet Eric James Barger I!

Phoebe and Eric
Phoebe and Eric

Well, howdy there lil ladies and fancy folks! It’s lil ol’ me, Eric James Barger the first. Of course, you may know me by another name, such as Grandpa Eric, The Crab, The Hulk, The Crab, Broseidon God of the Brocean, or The Crab. I realize I am quite handsome, but believe me, there’s more to me than my winning smile and my luscious locks of brown hair!

Eric and Andrew
Eric and Andrew

I am quite excited to be coming back to work at Coppercreek for my eighth year, and my second year on staff. I attended Coppercreek for the first time when I was a wee lad of eleven years old. Yes, I was just as dashingly beautiful then as I am now. I soon found my home in the Coppercreek drama program, where I got to act wacky on stage for hours every day. Now I run the drama program, and I also pump up the campers by singing and acting goofy when I host campfire.

Eric and the boys
Eric and the boys

Last year, I lived with the oldest boy campers in Swamp for 4 sessions. This summer, I will be moving up in the world, and helping run the Counselor in training program. So, CIT’s, prepare to sail the high seas on the Ocean of Fun!

Eric and Jonathan
Eric and Jonathan

Now, I know you’re thinking, “Wow, he does all that? How could he possibly be any more amazing?” Well, I’ll tell you how! In my real life, I am set to graduate from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in film production. I spend my days making silly Youtube videos, as well as participating in many UCSC clubs. I perform improv comedy with a group called Comedy Joust. I sing in a group called Acquire A Cappella, which has recently gained some Youtube notoriety!

When I’m not doing that, I write for a satirical newspaper, and perform Stand-Up Comedy on campus as well as in downtown Santa Cruz. My goal is to one day be a cast member of Saturday Night Live. But until then, I’ll just focus on making this summer as exciting as possible!

The Crab

That’s it for me! Looking forward to an amazing summer!

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