Meet Austin!


Hi everyone, my name is Austin and this will be my first time ever going to camp and I’m really excited to meet you all! I just graduated from Miami University in Oxford OH (Not Florida) after majoring in Zoology. I grew up on a farm in Oxford PA where I learned to love being outdoors and exploring.

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I’m a big fan of backpacking, hiking, biking, camping, sailing, and mountain biking and I try to take the opportunity to do all of these things as often as possible. This past spring break, my friends and I  went snowboarding in Colorado (my first time ever, yes it was awesome when I wasn’t laying face down in the snow) and then we went backpacking in Zion National Park in Utah where we had a 4 day backpacking trip planned. But all of the trails were covered in snow so we did it anyway and it was a great time.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be doing anything else at the time.

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Aside from nature I also love rock and roll; I have been playing the drums in a band called “Octopus for Good” for the past two years. I don’t limit myself to just drums, I still enjoy singing, playing guitar, and trying to learn any instrument someone puts in front of me.

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I love to play all sports! In high school I played football, baseball, and ran track and field all at the same time. In college I have played just about everything else including my intramural experiences in basketball, softball, and ultimate Frisbee. I just think it’s a lot of fun to be out running around with some friends. So I’m really excited to play games with all of you and be outdoors all summer long.

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I’m not all sports, science, and serious; I love to be silly whenever I get a chance. This year my friends and I dressed up as Mt. Rushmore for Halloween. I’m also known far and wide for my legendary dance moves, or at least in oxford OH and I can’t wait to break it down with everyone and strut my stuff on the dance floor.

I can’t wait to meet all of you, I’ll see you at camp!

Jiggy tries out Stand Up Paddle Boarding (with a little help from his friends)!

Jiggy, Ryleigh, and Makenna give it a go on dry land first.
Jiggy, Ryleigh, and Makenna give it a go on dry land first.

Since Jiggy is one smart cookie, he suggested to the girls, Ryleigh and Makenna,  they try Stand Up Paddle Boarding on dry land. He had to help Ryleigh figure out how to paddle and reminded Makenna to always wear her life jacket. Once Jiggy felt confident the girls were ready, he sent them off to Lynne’s Pond for a wet run.

Lynne's Pond with Ryleigh and Makenna
Lynne’s Pond with Ryleigh and Makenna

Looks like Jiggy might have to supervise SUP for the summer! The girls had it down in no time.

Meet Noelle!


Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Noelle Burger. This will be my fifth year coming back to Coppercreek, but my very first as a Counselor! Although I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, I now reside in Northridge as I am currently in college. I’m currently majoring in Archaeology, which is why some of my friends like to call me Indi!

arch work


So let’s get down to it! Hobbies. Woo, that’s a big subject to cover. I love horseback riding, and even though I haven’t been able to ride in a few years, I’m still absolutely enthralled with it! When I’m not off day dreaming about horses, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking.

me and agrado

I’m also into jewelry making, baking cookies and archery! Yep, that’s right, I’m on my college’s archery team! Some of my other hobbies are Ballroom Dancing and attending renaissance fairs and comic book conventions, so I’m definitely one for dressing up! Sometimes even making myself look really silly.

me and dr.strange

I’m really excited to be a counselor this year, not just because I get to see everyone again, but because I get to have the chance to bring the experiences that I have had and help change the lives of everyone around me. I hope to give back to the campers every ounce of help and love that CopperCreek gave to me when I was attending.

Coppercreek JC's
Coppercreek JC’s

So buckle up guys and get ready for a fun filled, down and dirty adventure! I can’t wait to see you, because we’ll have the best, most awesome time ever!




Willow Clinic- Sacramento, CA

Willow Clinic Interns
Willow Clinic Interns

Coppercreek Camp hosted the UC Davis student interns from Willow Clinic on June 18-19 for their yearly retreat. These students volunteer countless hours to the homeless population in Sacramento. Willow Clinic is one of seven student-run clinics affiliated with the UC Davis School of Medicine. It is composed of undergraduates, college graduates, medical students, resident and attending physicians. The clinic operates out of the Salvation Army Del Oro Division Shelter in Sacramento, CA.

 “The mission of the Willow Clinic is to improve the health and well-being of the homeless population of Sacramento by helping to meet the psychiatric and medical care needs of this underserved population, as well as to provide a unique platform for medical & undergraduate student education.”

Round Valley Reservoir
Round Valley Reservoir

Sutter Allen, Lornie Allen’s daughter, has participated in Willow Clinic for several years while pursuing  her undergraduate degree. She brought her fellow interns to camp for a little fun in the mountains. The group went canoeing on Round Valley Reservoir practicing perfect circles to the amusement of the locals.


The evening was spent making S’mores over the campfire, singing, and performing silly skits. In the morning, they took a hike up the mountain to see the beautiful views around camp, met a few horses, and finished up with a yummy barbeque. We really enjoyed meeting such bright, motivated young people and sharing camp with them.