Interview with Jiggy- by Rosco the dog


ROSCO: Hey Jigs- So cool of you to spend a minute talking to me.

Jiggy at bath time.
Jiggy at bath time.

JIGGY: No prob, Dude.

ROSCO: How long have you been at Coppercreek?

JIGGY: Ummm…probably about 13 years or so. I was kind of a wild thing when I arrived. Lornie’s Aunt Les picked me up as a rescue near Fresno. I remember they had to build a box in her trailer because they were worried I was going to jump out. Crazy. I am not that stupid but it was pretty funny watching them try to figure out how to get me from the box to Lornie’s trailer on the side of a road. I made them think I might take off but I didn’t in the end- just jumped from one trailer to the next. They backed them together and sort of herded me out like a sheep or something.

ROSCO: Wow. What happened next?

Jiggy and Zach
Jiggy and Zach

JIGGY: When I arrived at camp, Lornie was a little confused as what to do with me until she got the crazy idea of turning me into a cart horse. The next thing I knew I was put into some serious training. Lots of handling, lunging, they would wag scary stuff at me to make me not afraid. Excuse me? What is it about flapping bags in horse’s faces that makes people think we won’t be afraid anymore? They finally realized I wasn’t afraid to begin with. Hello? It is just a plastic bag.

ROSCO: How did you get your name?

JIGGY: Thankfully, Coppercreek had this great dance instructor named Jon who made all the staff learn a dance to Will Smith’s “Gettin Jiggy With It” during staff week. Lornie decided the name Jiggy fit me because of all my wild spots. Sure beats a lame name like “Spot” or “Dot”. Now my whole family is called something from Will Smith. I have my lady, “Jada” and my two kids, Willow and “Wicked Wild Wild West”,  but we just call him JJ.

ROSCO: Tell me more about this cart business. All I know is I like to bark at the wheels when you go trotting by.

Gold Digger's Day Parade
Gold Digger’s Day Parade

JIGGY: After I was driven all over camp and in a few parades, Lornie decided I needed to show, so off we went. I hit the American Miniature Horse Association show circuits and did pretty well. I think people were a bit amused at seeing this crazy looking thing in classes when really the rage, at the time, was bay horses.

Showing with Kalli
Showing with Kalli

I got this following though and every time I entered the show arena, all these fans would scream and clap. I must admit, it was kind of fun. And man, there were some nice looking mares at these shows, all dolled up and looking pretty. I was a bit alarmed at some of the other guys and how they behaved towards these gals. I mean, come on, you have to always remember to be a gentleman. Besides, when I behave, Lornie gives me Honey Nut Pretzels.

ROSCO: So what do you do at camp?

Driving session
Driving session

JIGGY: I am in charge of taking campers around the trails in the cart. Beauty, that cute little black mare, helps me. It’s pretty fun. Sometimes I get a bit confused when the campers don’t watch where they are going. Fortunately, I have had my driver’s license for a long time now and make sure we avoid trees and stumps.

ROSCO: What is your favorite part of camp?

A little song about Jiggy.
A little song about Jiggy.

JIGGY: I love it when I get to go up on stage at Campfire or attend a dance in costume. I secretly hope I will get discovered because my dream is to star in a movie some day.

ROSCO: Oh hey- I gotta run. Craig is on the move and my job is to follow him every where!

JIGGY: See you later!

3 thoughts on “Interview with Jiggy- by Rosco the dog

  1. Emily Balestrini

    Did you get help from Phineas and Ferb translating this conversation, or do you walk with the animals, talk with the animals, like Dr. Doolittle?

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