The Family Tree

The Family Tree

The Family Tree

We are starting a new tradition here at Coppercreek Camp- signing the Family Tree. At the end of last summer, Emma D (Emily Westphal), along with Kathie Cozart (you get to meet her soon on our blog) and Gabby Lichtig, painted our Family Tree on a big wall in the Memorial Garden. This summer, campers, who have attended for at least 3 years, will sign their names in the branches representing the leaves of the tree. Staff, who have attended for at least 3 years, will sign in the roots of the tree. Any alumni who meet the same criteria can sign. They just need to visit! We think it is a beautiful visual of how the people make camp special and create the memories and traditions that are remembered for decades to come.

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5 thoughts on “The Family Tree

  1. This immediately brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful concept (and piece of art). I am moved that my son will sign this summer, and a few weeks later I (alum) will be able to sign as well. The wonders that are Coppercreek never cease! Thank you.

    • Emma D :)

      I am so excited for Zach to be a JC with me! I connected with him since my first year on staff. He is the best, you should be oh so proud of him!

  2. Colleen Finn

    It looks amazing!!!

  3. Emma D. :)

    This was so fun to design and paint. I am really joyed to leave such a big mark (literally) at such a lovely place that has made such a big difference in my life. Can’t wait to see others sign it, and sign it myself!

  4. Kim Gonzales

    Love it!!

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