Meet Mark!

The men of Graceland

The men of Graceland

Hello everyone.

My name is Mark Paterson and this year I will be returning for my second year at Coppercreek.



Last year I spent all 4 sessions in Graceland. Was a very good experience and I am expecting more of the same second time around.

Since I left Coppercreek I have been in various jobs and travelled around a little bit. I am also a recent graduate of Sports and Well-being which lead me to getting my dream job at the end of February.

Mark playing

Mark playing soccer…football?

I come from a small town outside of Glasgow in Scotland. In my spare time I play and watch a lot of sports, mostly football (soccer). I play regularly with friends and competitively and I am hoping to gain a few trophies this year before I head out for my second spell at Coppercreek.

The winner!

The winner!

I am also a bit of a tech nerd. Last year I had nearly every bit of technology you could have such as laptops, iPads and iPods. This year I dont think will be much different. I do my own graphics design and have my own Youtube channel to post all my gaming on. This I enjoy doing as I find it really creative.

Graphic Mark

Graphic Mark

My first year at Coppercreek was exceptional. I met fantastic people, made new friends, lived a different way which changed me for the better and took part in new activites such as high ropes, the climbing wall, kayaking, riflery, capture the flag and many more while i was taking part in activities I loved such as football and basketball.

The Tigger! Will he be back?

The Tigger! Will he be back?

That has me blogged enough for the moment. Cant wait to see old and new friends this summer, peace!

Batman and Robin?

Batman and Robin?

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2 thoughts on “Meet Mark!

  1. Emma D :)

    Yay Mark! ❤

  2. Emily Balestrini

    Mark is the best!

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