Mike Craghead: singer/songwriter, artist, cool person

The Climbing
The Climbing Wall

Drawn by Mike Craghead

Mike is one of those really cool people we talk about in our “About Us” section. He was a Trekker, staff member, and maintenance guru until he left us to marry the Arts and Crafts Director, Dawn, and have three equally as amazing children. As well as a talented artist, Mike is also an accomplished musician. Many campers and staff will sigh as they remember listening to Mike perform at Campfire and Vespers. Here is a  Youtube video of one of his performances.

You can also find more of Mike’s music here:  http://www.humboldtmusic.com/webpage/index.cfm?id=1. Check it out! You will LOVE everything about Mike’s music.

2 thoughts on “Mike Craghead: singer/songwriter, artist, cool person

  1. Allegra Ellis

    Looking at the picture of the wall, I can feel the texture of the wooden holds. The wall evolved into this my second year of camp,I think. Such a bonding experience, dangling one another by a rope.

  2. Allegra Ellis

    Mike Craghead is one of my favorite people on earth. Dawn and he have apparently created some exquisite examples of offspring. Yay! Coppercreek runs in the blood. Medicine for the planet.

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