Meet Emma D!

Emma D
Emma D!

Hey friends! Emma D here. For those of you that are new members of the Coppercreek family, my real name is Emily Westphal, and I am proud to say this year will be my FIFTH year working at camp. I live in the northern tundra called Michigan, or as I like to call it: The Mitten. (Yes, Michigan is in the shape of a hand) I am a very proud Michigander, but I also love that I call Northern California my summer home.

Emma D's lovely family
Emma D’s lovely family

Update on my life! While at staff training last year for Coppercreek, I accepted my first full-time teaching position! I work as the K-12 Art Teacher for a great little school called North Central in the Upper Peninsula. I absolutely love my job. I get to teach kids about the wonderful world of art, advise fun things like prom, dress crazy during spirit week, and even coach JV Volleyball, too.

Emma D's volleyball team
Emma D’s volleyball team

I’m living the dream, well, my dream at least. If you want to see a little bit into my life, check out my classroom website:

At camp, I oversee the best group of people – The Junior Counselors! I absolutely love teaching these teenagers how to be the best future counselors they can be. We tend to become a pretty well bonded group as well. I love them, even if the boys tower over me.

Emma D with James and David
Emma D with James and David

One of my favorite parts of camp is Vespers. Vespers is a great Sunday evening activity to be calm, still, and listen to the thoughts of campers and staff members. Whether it is a story, song, poem, or a thank you, hearing campers express themselves openly is a very happy thought for me. I have the tradition of writing cheesy poems for this event, and I will continue that tradition this summer.

I cannot wait to reunite with my Coppercreek family, and meet new members of it as well. Enjoy the rest of your academic year, and I will be seeing you all very soon! JCs

Junior Counselors
Junior Counselors

– I cannot wait!!

❤ Emma D.

2 thoughts on “Meet Emma D!

  1. Agnes Ames

    Omgodness I am so excited for cam this year! This will be I think my 8th year going first session every year!!!:) I am so excited to have been going ever since I was a camper and now I’m going on to be a CIT 🙂

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