Welcome to our new community camp blog. We want everyone to participate, explore and enjoy. Hopefully, for those who have been fortunate to experience the magic of summer camp, this blog will let them escape once again. For those who are wondering what camp is all about, this blog will give you a glimpse into the special world of Coppercreek Camp.

We thought we would start this new blog where camp  began with the very first brochure produced (probably) around 1966. It is amazing to realize many of the traditions that inspired the late, “Papa John”  and Lynne, still continue today after 48 years. We will feature more about  John and Lynne later, but for now, enjoy this journey into Coppercreek Camp, circa 1966.

The first brochure-1966
The first brochure-1966
First camp brochure; page 2
First brochure:  page 2
The first brochure; page 3
The first brochure: page 3
The first brochure: page 4
The first brochure: page 4
The first brochure: page 5
The first brochure: page 5

Thank you for dropping in.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow, we will fast forward to the future when we peak into the life of Emily Westphal, back for her 5th summer as a Coppercreek counselor.

11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Nicole Gibson

    This is the BEST! Love seeing John and Lynne’s picture; they were both so wonderful. Of course, what does this horse lady notice the most? The shot of the flowing hair on the girl jumping….without a helmet! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. I have been looking through so many photos from the years past and I was noticing similar stuff. It seems it was just around your time as our Head Riding Instructor that we started making helmets mandatory. In pictures from your summer (and trust me, they are coming to the blog at some point), the campers are all wearing helmets but not the staff. Now it is mandatory for EVERYONE to wear helmets and I can’t imagine getting on a horse without one even though I wasn’t raised with wearing a helmet while riding. -Lornie

    1. I think many of the same traditions and philosophies are still here today. It has become the roots to this place. I hope you are well, Kate! Miss you and love going through the old photos of you over the years. We had some good time together!

  2. Phyllis Mattox (Root)

    Hi Coppercreek,I was one of your riding instructors back in the 80’s(don’t remember the exact year) One of the funnest summers of my whole life! Good to see you are still going strong :0)

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